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1979.08.27 Joni's next appearance Civic Center Providence, RI

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VtwoodchuckRI on

Looked forward to this concert all summer....sat on bleachers with lost lover. Reunited for that concert. Two loves in one place was overwhelming and a night to remember, and for a short while, coming in from the cold. Had "Mingus" and then "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter" (still my favorite - "How!").

larryc1000 on

I think it was the first time I heard Joni and Jaco play Hejira live.

I was about 10 rows back center stage.

30 years age and I can well remember the evening and the first meeting with my personal-private muse. Joni's music has inspired me, allowed me to be me, and has always helped me steer a course through storms and calms.

Always gratefull,