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1979.08.05 Joni's next appearance Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO

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  • ©️ Photo by Tom Holsclaw
  • ©️ Photo by Tom Holsclaw
  • Sarah Roane's ticket stub
  • Playing 'Black Crow' at the soundcheck<br>
Photo by Sarah Roane
  • Playing 'Black Crow' at the soundcheck<br>
Photo by Sarah Roane

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dalmeid on

I was at this amazing concert with some friends & family. It was a magical night with Joni & Jaco, and some of the guys from the LA Express. I was just a little disappointed to see her smoking cigs off to the side of the stage. Her talent still pleases & astounds me. The music of my life!

bersheik on

I'd grown up listening to Joni's music and followed her gladly on every twist and turn in her musical journey. I first heard Hejira when I was 18, on a cheap cassette player in the Pyrenees in southern France, my first big road trip across the sea. The one thing I'll never forget from this concert two years later was when she came on stage saying we're going to play some songs you know and some you don't. It wasn't apologetic, just honest, courageous. Art is always of the present. Loved the show, loved Red Rocks, a magical night.

ronzo on

We sat close to the console- the sound was perfect - the band seemed very attentive to the musical subtleties of Joni's performance . It was the last time I saw Jaco.
Every song was treated well and the newer arrangements of older songs didn't rob the beauty of those great tunes. While I'm a lover of most of her work , I was so pleased to hear so many cuts from Hejira . I'm an old man now and her melody and poetry still touch my poor addled brain.
Thank you Joni for your lifetime of work. I hope you are happy or if not at least content.