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1974.04.04 Joni's next appearance Grand Ole Opry House Nashville, TN

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  • Photo by Randy White. April 1974. Nashville, TN [rwhite6191]
  • Photo by Randy White. April 1974. Nashville, TN. [rwhite6191]
  • Photo by Randy White. April 1974. Nashville, TN. [rwhite6191]
  • Photo by Randy White. April 1974. Nashville, TN. [rwhite6191]
  • Photo by Randy White. April 1974. Nashville, TN. [rwhite6191]
  • Photo by Kit Luce

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agdownie on

I drove down from Bowling Green, Kentucky for this show it was one of the finest concerts I've ever had the pleasure to see. Tom Scott and the L.A. Express were fantastic and Joni was incredible. A Case of you, and Blue were magical.

rwhite6191 on

I was there! It was the first non-country concert at the brand-new Grand 'Ole Opry House in Nashville. It was back in the day before you could buy tickets everywhere. We heard that she was going to be there and when the tickets went on sale. We showed up in front of the Festival Tickets office on West Avenue at 6am. We were the first in line! We waited three hours until they opened. Went went in and got front row center seats!

The show was awesome. Tom Scott and the LA Express played for about 20-30 minutes and then Tom says, "ladies and genlemen, Miss Joni Mitchell!" She did several songs with the band, there was an intermission and then she came out and did an acoustic set, finally being joined by the band again. Much of what she did is captured from various shows on that tour and immortalized on the LP "Miles of Aisles."

I took some pics on 35 mm slide film. I will upload a few here. It's the only time I ever saw her live and it was a special night. Especially from the front row!