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1974.04.06 Joni's next appearance The Omni Coliseum Atlanta, GA

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vmsmith on

My cousin Michael had recently introduced me to Joni with the Court and Spark album. We drove from Birmingham to Atlanta with a carload of girls to make this show and it was an extraordinary event. Without doubt one of the most enjoyable concerts that I have ever attended. We got pulled over in Bremen Georgia on the way home that night for the crime of passing through their redneck little town. My cousin spent the rest of the night in a cell while the girls and I sat on the floor of the jailhouse and sang protest songs as loud as we could. The cops couldn't wait to get rid of us the next day. It was an unforgettable weekend.

mlangfeld on

Invited to the concert by friends as a going-away gift (as Helen and I were leaving Atlanta for the Maine seaside), I'll always remember this concert, full of Court and Spark, with Robben Ford et al adding to Joni's wonderful sound. It was the first of two times I saw Joni in concert, and was a magical evening.  [ed.]