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Zack, Gary
   A Melody In Your Name 1972
   Carnival In Kenora 1972
   Winter Lady
Zagorová, Hana
   A Case Of You 2007
  From the Czech Republic, recorded in Czech as "Zloděj Duší"
Zakian, Laura
   Twisted 2010
   Two Grey Rooms 2008
   Both Sides Now 2007
  Shirlene Zarin-taj Brown - vocals ; John Ebata - piano.
Zelenková, Jitka
   Both Sides Now 2010
  Translated to Czech as "Sem a Tam"
Zervas and Pepper
   Woodstock 2014
  Live performance - A medley with 4+20 (Stills)
Zhimei, Lin
   The Circle Game 2011
  Sung in Chinese (Cantonese)
Zilbersmith, Carla
   A Case Of You 2008
   Big Yellow Taxi 2009
   The Circle Game 2009
Zimmer's Hole
   This Flight Tonight
   River 2007
Zotos, Kat
   River 2010
Zuiderveld, Elly & Rikkert
   The Circle Game 1988
  Recorded in Dutch as "Tot De Cirkel Sluit"
Zulli, Valeria
   A Case Of You
  Audio from artist website
Zwi, Savannah
   My Old Man 2012