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Zack, Gary
   A Melody In Your Name 1972
   Carnival In Kenora 1972
   Winter Lady
Zagorová, Hana
   A Case Of You 2007
  From the Czech Republic, recorded in Czech as "Zloděj Duší"
Zakian, Laura
   Twisted 2010
   Two Grey Rooms 2008
   The Dawntreader 2015
   Both Sides Now 2007
  Shirlene Zarin-taj Brown - vocals ; John Ebata - piano.
Zelenková, Jitka
   Both Sides Now 2010
  Translated to Czech as "Sem a Tam"
Zervas and Pepper
   Woodstock 2014
  Live performance - A medley with 4+20 (Stills)
Zhimei, Lin
   The Circle Game 2011
  Sung in Chinese (Cantonese)
Zilbersmith, Carla
   A Case Of You 2008
   Big Yellow Taxi 2009
   The Circle Game 2009
Zimmer's Hole
   This Flight Tonight
   River 2007
Zotos, Kat
   River 2010
Zuiderveld, Elly & Rikkert
   The Circle Game 1988
  Recorded in Dutch as "Tot De Cirkel Sluit"
Zulli, Valeria
   A Case Of You
  Audio from artist website
Zwi, Savannah
   My Old Man 2012