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O'Briain, Levi

  • River "Hallelujah" 2014

O'Brien, John   [artist website]

  • River "Christmas Songs For You" John O'Brien 2001

O'Brien, Mary Lou

  • River "Now Hear This: Made In Aurora, Vol. 2: City Of Lights " Waterloo Sunset Records WSR-2011-3 2011

O'Brien, Paul

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Long May You Sing" Stockfisch Records 2013

O'Brien, Trisha  [artist website]

  • Help Me "Out Of A Dream" Azica Records 2010

O'Byrne, Lucy  [artist website]

  • River "Debut" Island Records 2016

O'Connor, Des

  • Both Sides Now "With Love, Des" EMI SCX-6417 1970

O'Connor, Jeanne   [artist website]

  • Chelsea Morning "Something's Coming" Perldisc 810 2007

O'Connor, Mark  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Elysian Forest" Warner Brothers 25736 1988

O'Connor, Robert  [artist website]

  • River 2018

O'Donnell, Tom   [artist website]

  • Morning Morgantown "Rothbury in the Fall" 2016

O'Donovan, Aoife  [artist website]

  • You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) "(45 Single)" Yep Roc Records SI-YEP-2455 2015

    Limited Edition 7" blue vinyl featuring “Magic Hour” from Aoife O’Donovan’s upcoming full-length Yep Roc Records release, b/w a solo acoustic recording of "You Turn Me On I’m A Radio” (Joni Mitchell cover). Only 500 copies available worldwide. Record Store Day Exclusive.

O'Farrell, Anne-Marie   [artist website]

  • Song To A Seagull "Heads And Harps" Eagle Productions 1992

O'Gara, Cathy

  • The Circle Game "Songs of Rest, Unintended Lullabies " 2013

O'Hara, Jill

  • River "Jill O'Hara" Sterling S1003-2 1993

O'Hara, Mary   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Spread A Little Happiness" Telstar STAR2255 1985

O'Hooley & Tidow  [artist website]

  • River "Shadows" No Masters 2016

O'Keefe, Johnny

  • You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care "The Very Best" Rhino Records 5144292205 2008

O'Keefe, Ryan  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2014

O'Neill, Gene

  • Both Sides Now "I'm Still Smiling" Kleinbear Records 2004

O'Pears  [artist website]

  • River "Stay Warm" 2018

O, Raven  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Just Eight" 2005

Oak Park-River Forest Junior High School Chorus

  • Both Sides Now "Illinois Music Educator's Association 1972 District 7 Festival" Century Records 41215 1972

Oakenshield  [artist website]

  • The Circle Game

Oberlin, Karen   [artist website]

  • Barangrill "My Standards" Orchard 7838 2000

  • Love "A Wish" Miranda Music 2014

Odendaal, Jolette   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Jolette " 2015

Oglesbee, Scott   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Daydreams" S & K Music Productions N17Da 1999


  • Black Crow "Electrodomestico" Ogre 2012

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Electrodomestico" Ogre 2012

Okita, May  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Art Of Life" Origin Records 2019

Okkervil River  [artist website]

  • Blonde In The Bleachers "Golden Opportunities Mixtape" 2007

    Available on their website as a download

Ólafsdóttir, Guðlaug Dröfn

  • Both Sides Now "Gentle Rain" GÓL 2007

Olatuja, Alicia   [artist website]

  • Cherokee Louise "Intuition: Songs from the Minds of Women" Resilience Music 2019

Oldham, Tina

  • Blue "Don't Tell The Jazz Police" 2011


  • Both Sides Now "Good Morning Starshine" Crewe CD-1333 1969

Oliver, Delfina  [artist website]

  • All I Want "Camino" Delphin Records 2010

  • River "Camino" Delphin Records 2010

Oliver, Karyn

  • A Case Of You "Joni Mitchell's Blue: a 40th Anniversary Celebration" Chicks With Dip 2012

    With Cheryl Prashker, Jon Sobel, and Paul Silverman

Olma, Karin  [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "Songs at the end of the day" 2008

Olsen, Kristina  [artist website]

  • Willy "Festival Folk Sing Joni Mitchell" 2010

Olsiewicz, Krystyna

  • Carey "Encyclopediac 2" R. Stevie Moore 1999

Olsson, Ingemar

  • Woodstock "I Alla Fall" Polydor Records 2462 129 1973

    Recorded in Swedish

Olympia  [artist website]

  • Free Man In Paris 2016

    From an appearance on the TV show RockWiz

Omilian, Nina

  • Cactus Tree "(Pure)" Timezone 2014

  • I Had A King "(Pure)" Timezone 2014

  • Song To A Seagull "(Pure)" Timezone 2014

One Day International  [artist website]

  • River 2010

Only Me Mrslamatmakan

  • Both Sides Now "Digital Single" 547391 Records DK 2016

Ooyaah!  [artist website]

  • Cherokee Louise

Opal Blue

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2016

Opie Gone Bad  [artist website]

  • River "Opie Gone Christmas" Opie Gone Bad 2011

    featuring Kirk Montgomery

Ora, Rita

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2019

    Recorded for Spotify Singles

Orange  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Bête Noire" 2014

Orchard West

  • The Dawntreader 2012

Orchester der Vereinigten Bühnen Wien

  • Both Sides Now "Musical Christmas In Vienna" Hitsquad Records 2004

Organic News

  • Man From Mars "Game On" Mochermusic MOM-0009 2016

Organic Quintet:
Joe Locke, Jeremy Pelt, Dave Ellis, Peter Barshay, Lewis Nash  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Organic Vibe - Sharon O'Connor's MusicCooks" Menus and Music Productions Inc 2006

Orgel Sound

  • Both Sides Now "Orgel J-Pop Hit Songs, 417" Recollect 2015


  • Both Sides Now "Harp, Voice, Tears" Superstar Records SSR 963 1970

Ornadel, Cyril

  • Both Sides Now "Wonderful World, Beautiful People " CBS Records 64100 1970

Orquesta Música Maravillosa

  • Both Sides Now "Bailes de Salón, Sambas" Triton 2015

Orta, Debbie  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Child's Play" 2014

Orton, Beth  [artist website]

  • River "(Live/Radio Session)" 1997

  • River "All Is Bright" 2014

    Track on Amazon's 2014 holiday collection

Osborne, Jeanette

  • River "When You Wish" 2011


  • Woodstock "Raw" 2005

Oschlag, Sara

  • Harlem In Havana

    Audio from Artist's MySpace site

Otero, Florencia  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

  • Blue "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

  • Both Sides Now "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

  • California "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

  • Down To You "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

  • I Had A King "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

  • Little Green "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

  • River "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

  • The Same Situation "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell) " 2012

  • Woodstock "Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell)" 2012

Otherwurlde  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now

    Audio from Artist MySpace site

Ottaviano, Roberto  [artist website]

  • Sweet Sucker Dance "Portrait in Six Colors" Splasc(H) Records CDH 169.2 1988

  • The Circle Game 2015

Otway, John  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Under the Covers and Over the Top" Amazing Feet Records AMZT 4006 1992


  • Both Sides Now "Outsinger Sings Sinatra" Outsider 2010

Over The Moon Trio

  • A Case Of You 2015

Overboard  [artist website]

  • River "Tidings" Overboard 467736 2008

Overton, Bill

  • A Case Of You " The Sun Will Shine" 2014

Owen, Jack

  • Both Sides Now "Resonances" 782891 Records DK 2018

  • Chelsea Morning "Resonances" 782891 Records DK 2018

Owen, Judith  [artist website]

  • Cherokee Louise "Rediscovered" Twanky Records 2018

  • Ladies Man "Rediscovered" Twanky Records 2018

Owens Jr., Ulysses   [artist website]

  • Borderline "Songs Of Freedom" Resilience Music 2019

    feat. Theo Bleckmann

  • Both Sides Now "Songs Of Freedom" Resilience Music 2019

    feat. Alicia Olatuja

Oxford Out Of The Blue  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Cut Loose" 2017

Oz, Lea

  • Blue 1997