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Yager, Andy

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2007

    Downloaded from artist's Soundclick page

Yale Whiffenpoofs

  • Both Sides Now "Last Call" 2016

Yamagata, Rachael   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "The Village" 429 Records 2009

Yamagata, Rachael  [artist website]

  • River "Sounds Of The Season - The NBC Collection" EMI 72438-63443-2-8 2004


Yamamoto, Seiichi   [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "Seiichi Yamamoto Cover Album Collection Vol.1" P-VINE RECORDS 2013


  • Both Sides Now "Anata To Utaou " avex trax YCCW-10116 2010

Yang Hee Eun

  • Both Sides Now 1971

Yanofsky, Nikki   [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "Nikki" Decca Records 2010


  • Blue 2016

Yarbrough, Raya  [artist website]

  • River "December Songs" Raya Yarbrough 2010

Yarema, Tyler

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Dinner Party - Popular Music With A Jazzy Twist" Somerset Entertainment 27641 2003

Yarushina, Alyona

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2013

Yaruss, Carey   [artist website]

  • River "Carey Yaruss" Carey Yaruss 2005

Yaschur III, John

  • Woodstock "Home Fire" John Yaschur III 2014

Yazbeck, Tony

  • Both Sides Now "The Floor Above Me" P.S. Classics 2015

Years & Years  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Digital Single" Interscope Records 2016

Yebio, Almaz   [artist website]

  • Song To A Seagull "Almaz" dB Productions 41 1999

Yee, Nicholas

  • River 2014

Yemm, Norman

  • Both Sides Now "The Tender Touch" RCA Victor MVPL1-0019 1974

Yep!  [artist website]

  • Twisted

Yeshaya, Beth

  • A Case Of You "Far Cry - Live at Studio M" Danti Records 2001

YesSister, JazzSister  [artist website]

  • Blue "Listen To Your Sisters" BUMA/STEMRA 2011


  • Little Green

    Audio from Artist MySpace site

Ylinen, Timo

  • This Flight Tonight "This Flight Tonight EP" Music Kickup 2016

YMCA Camp Takodah

  • The Circle Game "Takodah Sings" 360 Sound IRR-099 1999

Yo La Tengo  [artist website]

  • River

    Live recording

Yoghill  [artist website]

  • Amelia "Jonisongs" 2003

  • Harry's House "Jonisongs" 2003

  • Jericho "Jonisongs" 2003

  • Night Ride Home "Jonisongs" 2003

  • People's Parties "Jonisongs" 2003

  • Refuge Of The Roads "Jonisongs" 2003

  • The Silky Veils of Ardor "Jonisongs" 2003

Yohuna  [artist website]

  • River "Eau Come Eau Come Eau Claire" Volume One 2013

Yoko Miwa Trio  [artist website]

  • Court And Spark "Pathways" Ocean Blue Tear Music OBTM - 0010 2017

Yokozawa, Laura

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Kyujitsu Cafe" RELAX-35 2013

Yoshida, Yoshiko

  • A Case Of You 2007

Yoshiko, Goshima

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Now & Forever #2" Polystar PSCR 5962 2001

You and Caryl and Me

  • The Circle Game "You and Caryl and Me " S9354

    Augusta College - Disk Jorgensen, Caryl Nasby, Peter Anthony, and Jon Lindekugel

You Sing The Hits

  • Help Me


  • Big Yellow Taxi "Live In Living '09" Welcome Music LRTCD-037 2012

Young, Adrienne

  • Free Man In Paris "Room to Grow" Addie Belle 2007

Young, David  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Woodstock - The Mystery Of Destiny" David Young Music umc 1112 2007

Young, Denise  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Soprano" Blue Organza Productions 2018

Young, Josh  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Josh Young" 2005

Young, Justin  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "One Foot On Sand" Tropical Music SPCD 9069 2003

Young, Scott Paul

  • Both Sides Now "Both Sides Now - International Cabaret" Pipers PR 101 1978

Young, Tom  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now 2005

    Download from Website

Young, Will

  • Help Me "Let It Go (CD Single bonus track)" 19 Recordings 88697468662 2009

    Live track recorded at London's Cadogan Hall

Youngman, Lola  [artist website]

  • Twisted "This Can't Be Love" 15840 2005

Yr Awr

  • Both Sides Now "7" Wren Records WRE 1088 1970

    Recorded in Welsh as "Hyn O Fyd"

Yung, Lindsey  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "The Benchmark EP" 2011

Yung, Samara  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "July Rain" 2011

Yves, Lisa  [artist website]

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Jazz For Kids - Everybody's Boppin'" DCC Compact Classics DZS 190 2000

  • Twisted "Jazz For Kids - Everybody's Boppin'" DCC Compact Classics DZS 190 2000

Yvette Coleman and Diederik van Dijk

  • A Case Of You 2015

    St. Pats Sessions for Old Crow Magazine. Yvette Coleman sings Joni Mitchell's Case of You live in a lamp-lit St. Pats Church in Woody Point, NL in Gros Morne National Park. Yvette is joined by Diederik van Dijk on cello and Robert Humber on bouzouki.