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Nabors, Jim  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "The Twelfth Of Never " Columbia KC 32377 1973

Nadeau, Jean-Francoise  [artist website]

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines

    From Myspace website

Nadja Stoller Trio

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Once Upon A Summer Time" Brambus Records 2002

Nadler, Marissa  [artist website]

  • Cactus Tree "Covers Volume 1" 2010

Nagata, George

  • Both Sides Now 2015

Nagavalli  [artist website]

  • That Song About The Midway "Digital Single" 2017

Nah Youn Sun

  • The Circle Game "Memory Lane" SEOU Records SRCD-3982 2008

  • The Dawntreader "She Moves On" ACT Music 9037-2 2017

Najar, Nate  [artist website]

  • River "Christmas in December" Woodward Avenue Records 2017

Naji, Natsu

  • Both Sides Now 2013

Naked  [artist website]

  • This Flight Tonight 2005

    Dowload from Website

Naked Barbies

  • River "Living Independently" NBD Records 002 1998

Naked Blue

  • Amelia "Strathmore Presents - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" BandHouse Gigs 2009

    CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore

  • In France They Kiss On Main Street "Strathmore Presents - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" 2009

    CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore

Naked Voices

  • Chinese Cafe "Chambers Street" BS2 2NV 2002

  • Chinese Cafe "All Together" BS2 3NV 2004

Nali  [artist website]

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines


  • Woodstock "Love Is A Drug" Hyperdisc HYD 1001-2 1996

Nanaco, Sato

  • Woodstock "Woodstock Breeders"

Nancy and Beth

  • Blue 2017

Naomi Ferguson & Graham Wardrop  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Don't Think Twice" 2009

  • Blue "Don't Think Twice" 2009

Napkin Trio

  • A Case Of You "Napkin Trio Plays Joni" NAPK001 2017

  • All I Want "Napkin Trio Plays Joni" NAPK001 2017

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Napkin Trio Plays Joni" NAPK001 2017

  • Both Sides Now "Napkin Trio Plays Joni" NAPK001 2017

  • California "Napkin Trio Plays Joni" NAPK001 2017

  • Carey "Napkin Trio Plays Joni" NAPK001 2017

  • Conversation "Napkin Trio Plays Joni" NAPK001 2017

  • Morning Morgantown "Napkin Trio Plays Joni" NAPK001 2017


  • Both Sides Now "Cosmic Bros" Cosmo Distribution 2014

Nash, Graham   [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Graham Nash: Medium Rare" 1992

    Crosby - Nash, at the Maxwell C. King Center; Melbourne FL January 17, 1992

Nashville & Backbones

  • River "Christmas Songs" Nashville & Backbones 2017

Nat Bartsch Trio  [artist website]

  • The Sire of Sorrow (Job's Sad Song) "Springs, For All The Winters" Rufus Records RF110 2010

National Prayer Breakfast

  • Carey "Loosies '15-16" 2016

Naturally 7  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Both Sides Now" 2017


  • The Circle Game "Nightsounds"

    Recorded by 2001-2002 alumni from Camp Nawaka

Nazareth  [artist website]

  • This Flight Tonight "Loud & Proud" A&M SP-3609 1973

  • This Flight Tonight "Move Me" Eagle Records EAMCD149 1994

    Unplugged version -bonus track

  • This Flight Tonight "No Jive" Griffin Music 55421 3932-2 1992

  • This Flight Tonight "single - mono version" A&M 1511 1973

  • This Flight Tonight "Snaz (Live 1981)" Essential Records ESM CD 531 1997

Nease, Byron  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Byron Nease...Today" Byron Nease 457566 2008

Nee  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "All Fans On Deck" PSM Music psm-31030-cd

Nehemiah H. Brown & The Faith Gospel Choir

  • Big Yellow Taxi "The Long Road to Freedom" 2011

Neikrug, Arianna   [artist website]

  • Be Cool "Changes" Concord Jazz 08 8807 20520 4 8 2018

    Medley with "Help Me"

  • Help Me "Changes" Concord Jazz 08 8807 20520 4 8 2018

    Medley with "Be Cool"

Neilson, Jack

  • Blue Boy "PazFest - The New Orleans Tribute to Joni Mitchell at the Howlin' Wolf" 2002

Nelson, Derik

  • Coyote "Covers, Vol. 2" 2018

Nelson, Kinloch  [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "Kinloch plays Tunnel 13 and other Petros Guitars"

    A medley with "Cast Your Fate To The Wind"

Nelson, Margie  [artist website]

  • Be Cool "Hungry Girl" Cozy Cabin Records 2010

Nelson, Riana  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "More Like Me" 2010

Nelson, Ron

  • Urge For Going

    Rare unreleased recording from the LOST DOG album. Ron Nelson: guitars, keyboards, bass. Maddy Schenkel: vocals, percussion Sarah McEachern: trumpet.

Nelson, Willie  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Both Sides Now" RCA Victor LSP-4292 1970


  • Big Yellow Taxi "Cover Me" 2007

Nereide  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • Blue "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • Both Sides Now "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • Carey "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • Chelsea Morning "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • Conversation "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • For Free "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • I Don't Know Where I Stand "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • My Old Man "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • Rainy Night House "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • River "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

  • The Arrangement "Nereide sings Joni Mitchell" 2010

Nergaard, Silje  [artist website]

  • Love 2008

    Live recording with Vince Mendoza & The Metropole Orchestra

  • River "If I could wrap up a Kiss " Sony Classical 2010

Nes 'n Jazz  [artist website]

  • River

    From their MySpace page

Nesbitt, Bill  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Open Air Folk" 2004

Nesmith, Josh

  • Edith And The Kingpin "Josh Nesmith Audio DEMO" 2015

    featuring Rebecca Dressler

Nestrovski, Livia  [artist website]

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines

Neuburg, Amy X

  • California "UnderCover, Faultline Studios and Kalx Present: Joni Mitchell's Blue" 2012

Neufeld, Chris

  • Both Sides Now "There To Hear"

Neve, Jef  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "One" Real World Records 2014


  • Both Sides Now "Orlando" Temps Record 2013

New Era

  • Woodstock "New Era" Expo Records Inc. 7-712 1971

New West Guitar Group  [artist website]

  • All I Want "Big City" Summit (Classical) 2013

  • Black Crow "Send One Your Love" Summit 2015

New, Terri

  • Both Sides Now "Blue Moon" 2012

    (feat. Albert Sarko)

Newdelphia Sax Quartet

  • Song For Sharon "Newdelphia Sax Quartet" 52 Records 2003

Newhall, Jeanne  [artist website]

  • The Hissing Of Summer Lawns "E-Sensual" Marzipan 937 2001

Newman, Phyllis

  • Both Sides Now "Those Were The Days" London Records SES 97002 1968

Newman, Shelean  [artist website]

  • River "Snowfall" GrandVista Music/Hi Five 2009

Ni Fhearraigh, Aoife

  • Both Sides Now "The Turning Of The Tide" Omagatoki OMCX-1111 2002

Nicholas, Tomas   [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Lagunitas To Cazadero" Circleblue 2010

Nicholas, Zoe  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "By Royal Appointment - The Film Music of Colin Firth" Horizon 2011

Nick Borgen and Scandinavians

  • Both Sides Now "Live" Moondisc ARD1658

    Recorded in Swedish as "Jag Ser Med Andra Ögon Nu"

Nick Buzz

  • River "Circo" Dark Light DL 24008 1996

Nick Vernier Band  [artist website]

  • Woodstock 2009

    Featuring Iain Matthews

Nicky Nicolai & Stefano Di Battista

  • River "Più sole" EmArcy ‎ 1799604 2009

Nicole Pache & le Parti Populaire du Jazz  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You 2010

    Audio from artist website

Niegratschka, Klaus

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Good Enough For Me" 2000

Niemack, Judy  [artist website]

  • All I Want "Heart's Desire" Stash Records ST-CD-548 1992

  • Blue "Blue Nights" Blujazz Records BJ3353 2007

Nikolaeva, Olga

  • River 2016

Nilsson, Sten

  • Woodstock "45 RPM Single" Decca Records F 77022 1971

    Recorded in Swedish language as "Löften".

Nimoy, Leonard

  • Both Sides Now "The Way I Feel" Dot Records DLP 25883 1968

Nirosta Steel

  • River 2012

Nishida, Hikaru

  • The Circle Game 2007

    Audio from a YouTube video

Nixon, Damian  [artist website]

  • Amelia 2007

    Irish, born and bred in Derry

  • Coyote 2007

    Irish, born and bred in Derry

  • Edith And The Kingpin 2007

    Irish, born and bred in Derry

  • Harry's House 2007

    Irish, born and bred in Derry

No Fixed Abode  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Hold The Cover"

Noble, Keri  [artist website]

  • River "Winter Comes Again" Flicker 2008

Noelle, Taryn   [artist website]

  • River "Feels Like Home" 2016

Nofar Katav & Buzi

  • A Case Of You 2017

Noftall, Michelle

  • River "Songs for a Winter's Night" 2015

Nokomis Jr. High School Choir

  • Both Sides Now "Minneapolis Junior High Choral Music Festival" Mark Custom Recording Division MC 1098 1971

Nolan, Jess

  • River "Christmas in The Tracking Room, Vol. I" 2018

Noland, Rick

  • That Song About The Midway "Live At The Copper Hearth" Blue Zoo Music 2007

Nolasco, Mariana

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Turn Her Up" FrtyFve 2019

Noll, Christiane   [artist website]

  • Twisted "Live at the West Bank Café" 2016


  • Big Yellow Taxi "Full Moon" Victor VICJ-61694 2013

Norbert Gottschalk & Frank Haunschild  [artist website]

  • Black Crow "theduo 4 the road" Acoustic Music Records 2009

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "The Art Of A Duo (Favorite Songs)" Mons Records 2007

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Better Days" Acoustic Music Records 319.1293.242 2003

Norby, Cæcilie   [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Sisters In Jazz" ACT Music ACT 9738-2 2019

    with Rita Marcotulli, Nicole Johänntgen, Hildegunn Øiseth, Lisa Wulff & Dorota Piotrowska

  • Both Sides Now "London-Paris" Copenhagen Records CPHREC 0001 2004

  • Man From Mars "Sisters In Jazz" ACT Music ACT 9738-2 2019

    with Rita Marcotulli, Nicole Johänntgen, Hildegunn Øiseth, Lisa Wulff & Dorota Piotrowska

Nordwall, Jonas

  • Both Sides Now "Jonas Nordwall Plays the New Rodgers Marquee Organ" Organarts STK 1034

Norma Winstone & The Printmakers

  • Two Grey Rooms

    Recorded at Kings Place London UK 13Jul2013 Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 "Jazz Line Up" HD stream master

Norma Winstone with the NDR Bigband

  • Big Yellow Taxi "It's Later Than You Think" Rent A Dog rad 2009-2 2006

  • Blue "Here's a Song for You " 2011

North Bay Boys Choir

  • Both Sides Now "In Concert" ST-57719 1975


North Carrol High School Vocal Music Department

  • Both Sides Now "Spring Concert "Of Peace And Music"" Silver Crest Custom NOC51671 1971

North of South

  • The Circle Game "The Cochrane Lake Sessions"

Northcott, Tom

  • Night In The City "The Best of Tom Northcott" New Syndrome WS 1859

Northeastern University Downbeats  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Downbeat Crossing" Magpie 2004

Northern Dream  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You

Norton, Denise

  • Woodstock "Never Say Goodbye" Original Cast Record 8731 1999

Nosfell  [artist website]

  • Roses Blue "Live In Bruxelles" 2008


Not Too Sharp

  • Big Yellow Taxi "May Contain Nuts" 2011

Nothing But Treble  [artist website]

  • All I Want "Trebutantes" 1995

Nowicz, Roma

  • Both Sides Now 2016

Nowosad, Curtis   [artist website]

  • My Old Man "The Skeptic & the Cynic" Know-a-Sad Music 2012

Nuance Live Group

  • Help Me 2012

    From Israel; The singer is Moran Cohen Talmor and the guitarist is Rami Yosifuv

Nyman, Emily

  • The Circle Game "Memoirs" 2005