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  • River "Cover Stories" 2014

Ma Yar Nar

  • Both Sides Now "Spanish Flea" Life Records LSP 9049 1971

Mac, Carrie

  • River "Everywhere" Proto Records 2012

MacCarthy, Pamela   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Flower" UJRN-14003 2014

    with Tomoya Hara

MacDonald, Jeanne  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Company" MacAnn Music 2000

MacDowell, Nancy

  • Blue "Green Mountain Harmony" 2012

Macedo, Teresa

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2009

MacEwen, Janet   [artist website]

  • Blue "Back Where I Belong" Janet MacEwen 438919 2008

Macfarlane, Michela   [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "here and there" QR0053 2007

MacFarlane, Thom  [artist website]

  • Edith And The Kingpin "Longtime" Ripe and Ready 2219 1997

MacGray, Beth   [artist website]

  • River "(single)" 2013

MacGregor, Don

  • Both Sides Now "Water Lily" 2000

Maciek Czemplik and Jagoda Brzezińska

  • Both Sides Now "Czemplikmusic Youtube Sessions 2." czemplikmusic 2017

Mackenzie, Ginger

  • Help Me "All Too Human" Earthnoise ERN 8044-2 2000

Mackin, Kirstie

  • This Flight Tonight

    Audio from Artist's MySpace site

Mackin, Shauna   [artist website]

  • River 2013

Maclean, Bruce

  • River "Kathi 2" 2015

Macliver, Sara

  • Both Sides Now "Seraphim" Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2011

MacManus, Ronan   [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Live in Lommel" 2016

    13 November 2015

MacMaster, Natalie  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Bringing It Home" WLIW 2008

    Hayley Westenra on vocals

MacNeil, Madeline  [artist website]

  • Michael From Mountains "The Lone Wild Bird" Roots And Branches Music RM507 1993

MacNeil, Madeline   [artist website]

  • Urge For Going "As Time Goes By" Roots & Branches Music RM-513 2000


  • Willy

Maddy Winer & Vince Lewis

  • Both Sides Now "Crossroads" 2013

    (feat. Todd Wright, Bill Covington, Tom Hildreth, River Guerguerian & Rick Simerly)

Madeley Court School Band And Choir

  • Both Sides Now "Music At Court" Jonathan Recordings MCS 1 1990

Mads Bærentzen Trio   [artist website]

  • Trouble Child "The New York Project" Music Mecca CD 5015-2 2005

    featuring Vivian Sessoms on vocal

Mae, Lily

  • Morning Morgantown

Maffei, Amanda

  • Both Sides Now "Both Sides Now" Amanda Maffei Music 2018

Magdalena, Kate  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Acquainted with the Night" 2018

    Released as "Both Sides Now, Revisited"

Maggie Hollinbeck & Graham Sobelman  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • All I Want "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • Blue "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • California "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • Carey "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • Conversation "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • Little Green "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • My Old Man "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • River "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • The Last Time I Saw Richard "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014

  • This Flight Tonight "Another Shade Of Blue" 2014


  • You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) 2014

Maguire, Clare

  • The Last Time I Saw Richard 2013

Maier, Clarolyn   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Love Letters from Afar" Harpstar Records 2012

Mailich, Sun

  • Little Green

Maine Steiners  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Alive!" 2005

    Acapella from University of Maine

Mainstreet  [artist website]

  • Chelsea Morning "Mainstreet"

Maitinsky, Anna Eszter   [artist website]

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines

Maki Mannami & Jacob Koller

  • Both Sides Now "Pilot" Blues Interactions, Inc. PCD-4493 2011

Makin' Whoopee  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Makin' Whoopee Live"

Makohin, Szymon

  • Last Chance Lost "Tryin' Times"

Maldini, Nick

  • River 2013

Mali, Papa  [artist website]

  • For Free "Music Is Love" 429 Records 2015

Malloy, R.J.   [artist website]

  • Urge For Going "Liars, Crooks & Felons" Darkwood Music Co, Inc. 634479508103 2007

Malone, Bob  [artist website]

  • River "The Christmas Collection" Delta Moon Records 2018

Malone, Erin

  • Chelsea Morning "Cliff Jones Presents Six People Singing Songs by Cliff Jones and Other People" Canadian Talent Library S5125 1970

Malone, Tony

  • Carey "Drastic Measures 1979-1992" Big Linda Records RDRCD 470 1992

  • Morning Morgantown "Drastic Measures 1979-1992" Big Linda Records RDRCD 470 1992

Maltz, Kami

  • River

    Audio from artist website

Mama's Boys

  • This Flight Tonight "Live Tonite" CTM Records CD 131002 1991

Mambo, Yolo

  • River "Twist of Fate" 2015

Mancini, Henry

  • The Circle Game "Married To It" Kritzerland KR-20015-0 1991

    Four different recordings; used as Main Title, End Title, Alternate Main Title and a Vocal track.

Mandrup & Darling  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You

    Audio from Artist MySpace site

  • Both Sides Now

    Audio from Artist MySpace site

  • People's Parties

    Audio from Artist MySpace site

  • You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio)

    Audio from Artist MySpace site

Manfred Mann's Earth Band  [artist website]

  • Banquet "Criminal Tango" Petbrokk Ltd. MANN-015 1986

Mangano, Roberta  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now

    From Artist Myspace site

Manilow, Barry  [artist website]

  • River "A Christmas Gift of Love" Sony 86976 2002

Maniscalco, Chuck

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2005

Mann, Aimee  [artist website]

  • River "Baby It's Cold Outside" 2005

Mann, Debra  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • Be Cool "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • Black Crow "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • Blue "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • Both Sides Now "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • Jericho "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • The Circle Game "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • Urge For Going "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

  • Woodstock "Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell" Whaling City Sound 2018

Mann, Peggy

  • River "A Grand Christmas" 2012

Mann, Woody  [artist website]

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "When I've Got The Moon" P&C LHSCD1 1998

Manning, Rob

  • River "Comments" Rob Manning 2009


  • A Case Of You "Kamienie" Luna Music 2012

Mantovani  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "The Mantovani Scene" London PS 548 1969

Marc Copland, Drew Gress & Jochen Rueckert  [artist website]

  • I Don't Know Where I Stand "Some More Love Songs" Pirouet Records 2012

Marc Ducret Trio

  • God Must Be A Boogie Man "La Theorie Du Pilier" Label Bleu LBLC-6508 1987

Marcello Sirignano Quartet

  • For Free "Nice Scribbles" Ultra Sound Records 2012

    Released as "He Played Real Good for Free"

March, Peggy  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Peggy March In Kyoto" Tokuma Dan Records VC-7509 1972

    Live concert recording

  • Both Sides Now "Love Story" Denon CD-7012 1971

Marchesini, Paula

  • All I Want 2007

    Audio from a video submitted to YouTube

Marcia Ball, Carolyn Wonderland & Shelley King

  • Woodstock "ALL ATX, Vol. 4: Low Down Violet Crown" ALL ATX 2017

Marco Detto & Beatrice Zanolini

  • A Case Of You "On the Fly" 2011

Marcovicci, Andrea   [artist website]

  • All I Want "Here, There & Everywhere" Cabaret CD5026-2 2000

Maree, Lucas

  • Both Sides Now "Things" 2001

Margot Macdonald & John Jennings With One Horse Town

  • This Flight Tonight "Strathmore Presents - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" BandHouse Gigs 2009

    CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore

Margot Macdonald, Lea, Deeme Katson, & Grace Griffith

  • Carey "Strathmore Presents - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" BandHouse Gigs 2009

    CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore

Margot, Gillian   [artist website]

  • Conversation "Black Butterfly" Hipnotic Records 2015

Maria Laura Bigliazzi Jazz Quartet

  • A Case Of You "Ritratti di donna" 7Jazz 2012

Maria Pia De Vito

  • My Old Man "Jazz Italiano Live 2007" 2007

Maria Pia De Vito, Danilo Rea,Enzo Pietropaoli, Aldo Romano

  • A Case Of You "So Right" Cam Jazz CAMJ 7775-2 2005

  • All I Want "So Right" Cam Jazz CAMJ 7775-2 2005

  • Amelia "So Right" Cam Jazz CAMJ 7775-2 2005

  • Big Yellow Taxi "So Right" Cam Jazz 285017 2008

    Bonus Track added to 2008 re-release

  • God Must Be A Boogie Man "So Right" Cam Jazz CAMJ 7775-2 2005

  • Harlem In Havana "So Right" Cam Jazz CAMJ 7775-2 2005

  • River "So Right" Cam Jazz CAMJ 7775-2 2005

  • Woodstock "So Right" Cam Jazz CAMJ 7775-2 2005

Maria Pia De Vito, Enzo Pietropaoli

  • Be Cool "Lazy Songs" Casa Del Jazz CdJ5_16 2016

Maria, Eva

  • Both Sides Now "Zingara" Orefon EP 863 1969

Marian Hoiting Kwartet

  • Carey "Celebrate The Heart" mariandoro 33 1999

Mariangela Bettanini & Enrico Pinna

  • A Case Of You "The Soul" Dughero Ed. Musicali 2018

Marianne Trudel / Karen Young  [artist website]

  • Borderline "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • Both Sides Now "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • Cactus Tree "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • California "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • Cherokee Louise "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • Last Chance Lost "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • Man From Mars "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • Shine "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • Sunny Sunday "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

  • Tin Angel "Portraits:Songs of Joni Mitchell" 2018

Marie Keis Uhre & Ekko  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Marie Keis Uhre & Ekko" 2005

Marie, Hannah

  • Woodstock "Stardust" Hannah Marie 2011

Marie, Laura

  • Both Sides Now "Solo Classics" ibookmusic 2010

Marieke Schuurs & The Eugene Jazz Collective

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Marieke" Cantare Productions 2018

  • River "Marieke" Cantare Productions 2018

  • Twisted "Marieke" Cantare Productions 2018

Marken, Alexandra van   [artist website]

  • See You Sometime "Under The Moon" Brigadoon BIS-014 1994

Markiza & Peter Brown

  • River "A musiccanteen Christmas" Fat Boys Records FB004-3 2004

    Christmas compilation from Malaysia

Markley, Lisa  [artist website]

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "The Sky Is Blue And Sometimes Cries" Soona Songs SS007 2007

Marlies & Fingerpain

  • River 2012

Marquard, Annette  [artist website]

  • Night Ride Home

    From Artist MySpace page

Marquee Five  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "8-Track Throwback" Cavern Records 2012

    Featuring Vanessa Parvin

Marsh, Hugh & Jonathon Goldsmith

  • River "Back To The Garden" Intrepid CD N21 00016 1992

Marsh, Kerry  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You 2012

Marshak, Judy  [artist website]

  • River

    Download from artist website, recorded live with Mark Hukezalie on piano, Scott Alexander on bass

  • The Circle Game "A Matter Of Time" 2010

Marshall  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Vintage" 2013

Marshall, Brian

  • Both Sides Now "The Wine Flowed Freely" Tank Records BSS.138.LP

Marshall, Susan

  • River "Decorations Of Red" Madjack Records 2015


  • Carey "V mýdlových bublinách (Live 1973-1978)" Supraphon a.s. 2012

Martel, Joy

  • Chelsea Morning "(45 Single)" JEMKL Record Corp 3277

    B-side from Miami record label. A-side is "My World Is Getting Smaller" (Sedaka & Greenfield)

Martel, Kristi

  • All I Want "unreleased live recording" 2001

Martells, Audrey   [artist website]

  • Solid Love "The Songs of Joni Mitchell: A Soulful Tribute" Roven Records 2017

Martha & The Muffins  [artist website]

  • Shades Of Scarlett Conquering "Back To The Garden" Intrepid CD N21 00016 1992

Martha J. & Francesco Chebat  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Pas de Deux" Cressida Records CLE 1401 2014

Martha J. quartet

  • Let The Wind Carry Me "Harlem Nocturne" Classidra Records CLE1101 2012

Martha's Trouble  [artist website]

  • River 2015

Martin, Audrey  [artist website]

  • Blue "Living Room" Blue Hydrangea Records 2014

Martin, Charlotte  [artist website]

  • Urge For Going "Reproductions" Dinosaur Fight Records/Echo Field Recordings 2007

Martin, Claire  [artist website]

  • Amelia "Live On The BBC" 2003

  • Be Cool "The Waiting Game" Honest Linn Records HON CD-5018 1996

  • Be Cool "Live On The BBC" 2003

  • Blue Motel Room "Too Darn Hot!" Linn Records AKD 198 2002

  • Two Grey Rooms "Time And Place" Linn Records AKD 423 2014

  • You Dream Flat Tires "Believin' It" Linn Records 2019

Martin, Gail

  • I Had A King "single" Reprise 0778/L6694 1968

Martin, Heidi

  • Twisted "Strathmore Presents - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" 2009

    CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore

Martin, Kathleen A.

  • Carey

    Website download

Martin, Lynn

  • Big Yellow Taxi "England's Top Of The Pops" baccarola 80825 ZT

Martin, Sally   [artist website]

  • Carey "Another Time, Another Place" 2007

Martinez, Aidita  [artist website]

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2010

    Audio from Artist website

Martini, Mia  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "I Miei Compagni di Viaggio" BMG Ricordi 74321391992 1996

Martino, Pat  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Consciousness" Muse Records 5039 1974

Martino, Pat & Cassandra Wilson  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "All Sides Now" Blue Note Records CDP-7243-8-37627-2-9 1997

Martone, Fabiana

  • All I Want "Flowers" Velut Luna 2009

  • Help Me "Flowers" Velut Luna 2009

Martone, Fabiana

  • Twisted "Flowers" Velut Luna 2009

Martone, Fabiana

  • Woodstock "Flowers" Velut Luna 2009

Masekela, Hugh

  • Both Sides Now "Reconstruction" Motown 530329 1994

Masha Bijlsma Band  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Whispers And Moans" 2008

Mason, Doc  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Child's Play" 2015

Mason, Karen

  • River "Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!" Zevely Records KMPR25 1999

Massicot, Drew

  • Both Sides Now "For Your Love - Romantic Piano Solos" From The Heart Recordings 1999


  • This Flight Tonight "Seventies Styla" Bellaphon 290-07-221 1995

Mathers, Peter  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Forbidden Games" Manticore Records WRC1-3329 1986

Mathews, Lesley

  • Both Sides Now "Honour" 2013

Matt Doyle and the Whiskey 5

  • River "Make the Season Bright" Matt Doyle, Will Van Dyke, And Derik Lee 2014

Matthew Fogg and Nicole Hajj

  • Twisted "Live at the Azure Cafe" 2005

Matthew's Minstrels  [artist website]

  • Raised On Robbery "Traditional Fare" 1994

Matthew, Cara  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Make You Feel My Love" Felidae Records 2008

Matthews Southern Comfort

  • Woodstock "Later That Same Year" MCA Records MKPS-2015 1970

Matthews, Charlie

  • Both Sides Now "45 Single" Pye Records 7N 17905 1970

Matthews, Guerry

  • Both Sides Now "Guerry Matthews " Tayma Records AM 105

    70's Vinyl - From Nashville, TN

Matthews, Iain

  • Woodstock "Nights in Manhattan. . .And points west" Dunhill Compact Classics DZS-144 1991

    recorded live at the Bottom Line, NY, May 1988

Matthews, Julie

  • Carey "Festival Folk Sing Joni Mitchell" 2010

Matthews, Wendy  [artist website]

  • Cherokee Louise "She" Barking Bear Records BBR001 2008

Matveeva, Angelica   [artist website]

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Vocalese" Chan Puma House CHAN003 2015

Maudy Apon, Katidjah  [artist website]

  • Let The Wind Carry Me 1996

    Vocal by Hein Van de Geyn

Maupeu, Pascal

  • Eastern Rain "What We Did On Our Holidays" 2015

Mauriat, Paul

  • Both Sides Now "Paul Mauriat Sound Best Hits" Yupiteru YL-2067/2068

Maurice Laurent Et Son Grand Orchestre

  • The Circle Game "Emotional Themes Best 36 ('80 Sscreen Music Library Vol.3)"

Mauro, Naomi

  • Help Me 2018

Max Zentawer & réka

  • All I Want "Longing" Chaos 2018

  • Edith And The Kingpin "Longing" Chaos 2018

Maxwell, Kirsten  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now 2014

May, Erika  [artist website]

  • Twisted "Miao Miao, cat in a hat" Zephyr Moon Music 2010

Mayne, Carolee

  • River "Christmas in the Northwest, Vol. 5" Friendly Voice FVCNW0502 2002

Mayorga, Lincoln

  • Both Sides Now "The Missing Linc, Vol. 2" Sheffield Labs S10 1972

Mays, Margie  [artist website]

  • River "Digital Single" 2018

Maze, Linda  [artist website]

  • The Circle Game

Mazzei, Jean   [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "At Last" Floating Island Records 2005

Małgorzata Zuber Quartet

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2017

Mc Quinlan, Gayle

  • River "This Is Christmas Love" 2018

McAll, Barney  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Live Solo" Extra Celestial Arts 2018

McAlmont, David

  • Conversation "McAlmont" Hut Records CDHUTL12 1994

McAteer, Liz

  • Morning Morgantown "On My Own" 2004

McCain, Eleanor   [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "True North: The Canadian Songbook" Retriever Records Inc 2017

  • Both Sides Now "Runaway" Retriever Records Inc 2014

McCall, Azure

  • Be Cool "Gift" Muse FX MFX 1004 2003

  • Shades Of Scarlett Conquering "Gift" Muse FX MFX 1004 2003

  • The Hissing Of Summer Lawns "Jazz From Hawaii" Ami Pua Publishing APCD 2000 1999

McCann, Terry & Mary Robbins

  • The Circle Game "Friends In Harmony" Jella JHLP S173 1975

McCarron Brothers  [artist website]

  • All I Want "Way Down in Brooklyn" Deep Tone 2009

  • Rainy Night House "No Moon Train" Deep Tone Records 2012

McCarthy, Jacqui

  • I Think I Understand "Courting and Trees" Jacqui McCarthy 2002

McCarthy, Mari L.   [artist website]

  • River "A Baby Boomer's Christmas" 2007

McCartney, Carol   [artist website]

  • Be Cool "Be Cool" Moxy 2014

McCaslin, Mary  [artist website]

  • Nathan La Franeer

McCollum, Chuck

  • Both Sides Now "For Your Grandchildren...Songs I Sing To My Sons" 2014

McConnell, Mike

  • Urge For Going "The Mike McConnell Country Album" Allied Record Corporation ALS 148

McConnell, Rob and the Boss Brass  [artist website]

  • Chelsea Morning "On A Cool Day" CTI 477 5143

McCready, Mindy

  • Both Sides Now 2015

    Unreleased song by country singer Mindy McCready. This was recorded for her "I'm Still Here" album sessions.

McCreagh, Carmel  [artist website]

  • Love Puts On A New Face "13 Stories" All Time Records 2018

  • The Crazy Cries Of Love "13 Stories" All Time Records 2018

Mccrystal, Eamonn   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "And So It Goes" Hedgehog Records 2016

McCulloch, Ian  [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "Proud To Fall (12" 45 Single)" WEA Records Ltd YZ 417TX 1989

McCutcheon, Jim

  • Both Sides Now "Jim McCutcheon & Company : Solos and Ensembles with Classical Guitar" Guitar & Song 1986

McCutcheon, Peter

  • Both Sides Now "Longing" PANDYAMONIUM MUSIC 2009

McDermand, Paul

  • Both Sides Now "Sailing" Nozzle Noise Records NNR-CD 1002 1997

McDonald, Shelagh  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi

McDonald, Shirley

  • Both Sides Now "It's Shirley" E.M.I. (Australia) Ltd. SCXO 7904

McDowell, Seona  [artist website]

  • Morning Morgantown "Down Country Roads On Gossamer Wings" Platypus Platters APASLP 1001 1978

McElhatten, Robin  [artist website]

  • Twisted "Never Let Me Go" Robin McElhatten CD-121 1999

McElroy, Ellen  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Love's Illusions"

McFarling, Kelly

  • Little Green "UnderCover, Faultline Studios and Kalx Present: Joni Mitchell's Blue" 2012

McGarry, Kate  [artist website]

  • Chelsea Morning "Mercy Street" Palmetto Music PM 2109 2005

  • The Priest "If Less Is More, Nothing Is Everything " Palmetto Records 2008

McGinty, Damian   [artist website]

  • River "This Christmas Time" DMcG International Productions, LLC 2016

McGovern, Betsy

  • Song To A Seagull "PazFest - The New Orleans Tribute to Joni Mitchell at the Howlin' Wolf" 2002

McGovern, Maureen  [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "A Long And Winding Road" PS Classics 2008

  • The Fiddle And The Drum "A Long and Winding Road" PS Classics 2008

McGuinn, Roger  [artist website]

  • Dreamland "Cardiff Rose" Columbia KC-34154 1976

  • Dreamland "Cardiff Rose" Sundazed Records SC 6204 2004

    Live recording; available as a bonus track on this import edition

McHenry, Janice

  • The Circle Game "St. Jerome's Parish Presents 'Images' Annual Youth Musical Presentation" PCI Recording Services USR 5903 1973

McHugh, Kieran

  • Both Sides Now "(45 Single)" Meteor Records SKY 506

    A medley with "Feelings"

McKay, Scotty

  • You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care "Tonight In Person" Ace 1017 1961

McKenzie, Sarah   [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Close Your Eyes" ABC Jazz 2012

McKinnon, Catherine

  • Both Sides Now "Both Sides Now" ARC Records AS 777 1968

McKuen, Rod  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Alone" Stanyan 1974

McLachlan, Sarah   [artist website]

  • Blue "Rarities, B-Sides, & Other Stuff" Nettwerk Records 6700-30105-2 1996

McLachlan, Sarah  [artist website]

  • River "Wintersong" Tyde Music 30621 2 2006

McLachlan, Sarah & Lilith Fair

  • Big Yellow Taxi "(Live)"

McLaggan, Lisa

  • A Case Of You

    Audio from Artist's MySpace site

McLean, Don  [artist website]

  • You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care "Greatest Hits Live!" Gold Castle Records D2 71332 1990

McLellan, Beverly  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Fear Nothing (Tour Edition)" Junk Drawer Records FN-2820 2012

    CD Bonus Track on Tour Edition of CD

McManus, Eddy   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Digital Single" Arch Rock Media 2018

McNair, Barbara   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Barbara McNair's Illusions of Family & Friends" TECaid Recording Studios

    Freda Payne, Bobby Vee & Barbara McNair

McNamee, Erin

  • River "A Beer With St. Peter, a Night With St. Nick" Erin McNamee 2012

McNaughton, Eddie

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2011

McNeil, Suzie  [artist website]

  • River "This Is Christmas" 604 Records Inc 2012

McNeill, Sylvia

  • Chelsea Morning "45 Single" RCA Victor 1922 1970

McOuat, Oona  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Honey and Holy Water" Oona McOuat 2009

McPeek, Ben

  • Both Sides Now "Ben McPeek's Latest Fling At The Record Scene" RCA Camden CASX-2537 1971

McPhee, Katharine  [artist website]

  • Help Me "Unbroken (I-tunes bonus track)" Verve Forecast 2010

    Available on I-Tunes as a bonus track

McQueen, Valerie  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi

    Live recording; audio from artist website - featuring Mickey Nelson

McShane, Ian

  • Both Sides Now "From Both Sides Now" Polygram TV 517 619-2 1992

Me And Them  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi

    Website download

Mead, Gale   [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Live at Jessel's" 2007

Measure 4 Measure  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Don't Wait Up" 2004

Meazza, Max   [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Affliction" Desolation Angels 2013

Medley, Sue

  • Raised On Robbery "(unreleased live performance)" 1990

Megalomaniacs  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Melts In Your Mouth" 2001

    Acapella from Colby University

Mehldau, Brad   [artist website]

  • Don't Interrupt The Sorrow "A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Nonesuch 2-79921 2007

Mehldau, Brad

  • Marcie 2013

    Unreleased live instrumental recording

  • Roses Blue "Live In Tokyo" WEA/Atlantic/Nonesuch WPCR-11964/5 2004

    A bonus track on the Japanese Import release

Mei Ling, Chan

  • The Circle Game

Meinhardt Merry  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Life" Meinhardt Merry 2012


  • The Circle Game "Mellow" Epic/Sony EPC 515465-2 2004

Mellgren, Craig

  • Amelia "Dreamland" 2012

Melo, Lele

  • Blue "Now And Then" Lele Melo 2011

Melodie Fraser Band

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2013


  • Big Yellow Taxi

    Audio from Artist MySpace site

Melua, Katie  [artist website]

  • River "In Winter" BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd. 2016

Memphis State University Chorale

  • Both Sides Now "Memphis State University Chorale : Spring 1978 Concert" USC Sound Enterprises 1978

Mendes, Sergio & Brasil '66  [artist website]

  • Chelsea Morning "Stillness" A&M SP-4284 1970

Mendes, Sergio and Brasil '77  [artist website]

  • Chelsea Morning "In Concert" A&M 2106 1973

Mendis, Melody  [artist website]

  • All I Want "Wanderlust" Melody Mendis 2010

  • Michael From Mountains

Menzel, Idina

  • Both Sides Now 2014

  • River "Holiday Wishes" Warner Bros. Records Inc. 544481-2 2014

Mercer, Mabel

  • Both Sides Now "Mabel Mercer & Bobby Short - Second Town Hall" Atlantic Records SD 2-605 1969

Merchant, Natalie  [artist website]

  • All I Want "Wonder (CD-Single)" Elektra Records EKR-217CD1 1996

  • River "unreleased live recording" 2001

Merritt, Tift  [artist website]

  • For Free "Traveling Alone " Yep Roc Records 2013

    Included on bonus album - Traveling Companion acoustic album

  • Woodstock "Acoustic Bonus Tracks & Covers" Fantasy Records 2008

Mesibov, Paul

  • Raised On Robbery

    Downloaded from website

Mesland, Ron  [artist website]

  • Carey "Uiterwaarden " 2007

Messina, Tony   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Pure Imagination " Heart to Heart Records 2012

Metro, Charlie   [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Wanted: Dead & Alive... Charlie Metro At the Last Chance Saloon (Live)" Charlie Metro 2013

Mette Rongved & Janne Persson

  • A Chair In The Sky "And Still We Dream" Margit Music 2014

Metzger, Ellen

  • Both Sides Now "Songs For You" Ellen Metzger 2002

  • Two Grey Rooms "Songs For You" Ellen Metzger 2002

Meyer, Anita

  • Both Sides Now "Tears Go By" 2009

Meyer, Lili

  • Chelsea Morning "North Toronto Collegiate Institute Presents Maytime Melodies 1971" NT-25 1971

Meza, Ana María   [artist website]

  • Twisted "Smile" 2018

Meza, Camila

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Retrato" Vertice Records 2009

Mezek, Aleksander   [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Kje So Tiste Steznice" RTV Ljubljana LD 0394 1977

    From Yugoslavia, recorded as "Mo~je V rnem"

Mhairi, Brigid

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2007

    From YouTube

Mhmm  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Do Not Disturb" S.I.A.E. 2008

Mia & The Steve Klink Trio

  • Little Green "I Wish I Knew How..." CATSRECORDS CD 008 1996

Michael & Jello  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Just Dance; Pop Songs For Families" 2013

  • The Circle Game "Back to School" 2018

Michael Ball  [artist website]

  • Blue "Alone Together (Live at the Donmar)" Kultur Video 2005

    DVD Release

Michael Hussman & Tina Lerch

  • Night Ride Home

    Download from website

Michael Langer and Lisa Stern

  • Both Sides Now "Listen" Dux 9790500172109 2006

Michael Moore-Kelly  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Piano Without Makeup" Michael Moore-Kelly 2011

Michael Nold Band

  • Night Ride Home "echolalia"

Michael Paz Band

  • Amelia "PazFest - The New Orleans Tribute to Joni Mitchell at the Howlin' Wolf" 2002

  • Hejira "PazFest - The New Orleans Tribute to Joni Mitchell at the Howlin' Wolf" 2002

Michael Sagmeister & Britta Medeiros

  • Both Sides Now "The Way We Feel About It" Acoustic Music Records 319.1308.242 2003

Michael Sagmeister & Britta Medeiros   [artist website]

  • Night Ride Home "When The Moment Sings" Acoustic Music Records 319.1350.2 2005

Michael, Drue

  • Both Sides Now 2013

Michael, George  [artist website]

  • Edith And The Kingpin "John And Elvis Are Dead" Sony BMG 2004

    Recorded for BBC2 "Sold On Song", December 17, 2004. Was sold separately or as 4 track EP or as 4 track EP along with the video from (For The Love Of You not included by the time). All 5 songs still available from itunes (UK only).

Michel Clement Orchestra

  • Both Sides Now "The Best Of Romantic Screen Theme Super Custom Deluxe" Philips FD-9017-18

  • The Circle Game "Love Story/Screen Mood Best Album" Philips SFX-7322

Michel, Jane

  • Both Sides Now "The World of American Folk" ZYX Music ZYX 11092-2 1997

  • Woodstock "The World of American Folk" ZYX Music ZYX 11092-2 1997

Michele, Lea  [artist website]

  • River "Do They Know It's Christmas" 20th Century Fox Film 2011

    Glee Cast Christmas album

Michelle Alexander and Tim Tracey

  • Both Sides Now 2018


  • Woodstock

    Live - download from fansite

Middleton, Paul  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Covers 2" 2014

Midler, Bette   [artist website]

  • For Free "Video/Unreleased" 1971

  • Twisted "Bette Midler" Atlantic Records SD-7270-2 1973

Midnight Pilot

  • A Case Of You 2015

Miek & Roel   [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "miek en roel" Disques Vogue CLPVB 017 1970

    Recorded in Dutch as "De Cirkel"

Mike Frost Jazz

  • River "Frosty Christmas" 2012

Mike King Collective  [artist website]

  • River "Digital Single" MyCool Records 2017

Mike the Swan  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "15 Occasional Mood Swings" 2005

Mikko  [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "Now and Forever" Fly High Records VSCF-1760 2016


  • Roses Blue "Milagro" Kept In The Dark Records KID 22460 1989

Milan y Bibiloni

  • The Circle Game "Milan y Bibiloni" Novola NLX 1071 G 1977

Miles, Barry

  • Woodstock "White Heat" Mainstream MRI-353 1972

Miles, Catherine

  • The Last Time I Saw Richard "Joni Mitchell's Blue: a 40th Anniversary Celebration" Chicks With Dip 2012

Milk And Honey

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Still Showing" 2003

Milla, Madeline  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Till The Sun Comes Up" Beautiful Enough Records bercd 001 2000

  • River "Till The Sun Comes Up" Beautiful Enough Records bercd 001 2000

Miller, Betsy   [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Becology" Chezz Music 2013

  • Both Sides Now "Becology" Chezz Music 2013

  • For Free "Becology" Chezz Music 2013

  • Free Man In Paris "Becology" Chezz Music 2013

  • Raised On Robbery "Becology" Chezz Music 2013

Miller, Eric & His Orchestra

  • Both Sides Now "Sweetheart Tree" NAXOS 8.880013 1992

Miller, Jody  [artist website]

  • Urge For Going "The Nashville Sound of Jody Miller" Capitol Records ST-2996 1968

Miller, Joe

  • A Case Of You "Wooden Nickels (The Organic Sessions)" Worn Out Joke Music 2011

Miller-Heidke, Kate  [artist website]

  • River "Home: Songs Of Hope And Journey " Sony BMG 88697036782 2006

    Released on November 25, some of the biggest names in Oz music have joined forces on the upcoming new album 'Home: Songs Of Hope & Journey' to raise funds and bring attention to the plight of Beyond Blue, the national initiative against depression.

Mills, Josie

  • Carey 2008

    Audio from a YouTube video - Tim Stone on guitar

  • Coyote 2008

    Audio from a YouTube video - Tim Stone on guitar

  • I Had A King 2008

    Audio taken from YouTube video.- with Tim Stone on Guitar.

Mills, Kristin

  • River "Digital Single" 2014

Milman, Sophie  [artist website]

  • Be Cool "Take Love Easy" Koch Records 2009

Milne, Andy  [artist website]

  • Amelia "Dreams and False Alarms" SGL SA1565-2 2007

  • Free Man In Paris "New Age of Aquarius" Contrology Records 03 1999

  • The Circle Game "Dreams and False Alarms" SGL SA1565-2 2007

Milner, Ali  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "The Cover Me Canada Collection " 2011

Milsom, Joe

  • River "Merry Xmas and Other Heartfelt Sentiments" Robert Bobby 2002


  • River 2012


  • Big Yellow Taxi "Itch" 1998

Minako Yoshida & Kazumi Watanabe

  • Both Sides Now "Nowadays" Ewe Records EWSA-0149 2008

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Nowadays" Ewe Records EWSA-0149 2008

Minaldi, Chiara  [artist website]

  • River "Intimate" Rnc Music 2014

Minghella, Edana  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Still On My Feet" 2011


  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Cumulus Mingus" 2017

Mingus Big Band  [artist website]

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Live at Jazz Standard" 2010

    Frank Lacy on vocals

  • Sweet Sucker Dance "Tonight At Noon: Three Or Four Shades Of Love" Dreyfus Jazz DRY-CD-36633 2002

Mingus Dynasty  [artist website]

  • A Chair In The Sky "Chair In The Sky" Elektra Records 6E-248 1979

  • Sweet Sucker Dance "Chair In The Sky" Elektra Records 6E-248 1979

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Chair In The Sky" Elektra Records 6E-248 1979

Minnewaska Ridge Rockers  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now

Minoansface, Johnny

  • River 2011

Minton, Tara

  • A Case Of You 2012

Miranda Di Perno & Olivier Court

  • A Case Of You 2013

Miria M. & band

  • Both Sides Now "Secret Playground" Secret Music smcd 001 1999

Mirja Mäkelä Trio

  • All I Want "My Hidden Joys" Secret Music SMCD 002 2015

Miss Drey  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Birthday" 2017

Mistletoe Singers

  • River "A Rock & Pop Christmas Party Vol. 4" CHV Music Factory 2009

Mitchell District High School Glee Club.

  • Both Sides Now "Echoes In Song"

    Mitchell, Ont.

Mitchell, Chad  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Chad" Bell 6028

Mitchell, Chuck

  • The Circle Game "Combinations" Bird Productions BP-111735 1977

  • Winter Lady

    Probably the first Joni cover

Mitchell, Katy

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Baby It's You" Soundside Records KM01 2005

Mitchell, Kelly Jo

  • River 2013

Mitchell, Scott  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi

    Audio from artist website

Mixed Company  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Tree Museum" 2004

Miyata, Tomoko   [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Begin Anywhere" BounDEE,Inc. 2011


  • Woodstock "Music With Words" Ropeadope 2014

    feat. Jhelisa Anderson

Mock, Don

  • Song To A Seagull "Mock One" Wolf Records WR 7810 1978

Mockingbird  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "A Fearless Day - Mockingbird's 4th Album" Mockingbird 2007

Modern Folk Quartet

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Highway 70" Polystar PSCW-5094 1999

Moe, Joe  [artist website]

  • Car On A Hill "Mainland" Puluphonic Records 467854 2008

Moerman, Patrice  [artist website]

  • A Strange Boy 2010

  • Coyote 2010

  • Don't Interrupt The Sorrow 2010

  • Moon At The Window 2013

  • Shadows and Light 2010

  • The Dawntreader 2013

Mohn, Maria  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Today's a Yesterday Tomorrow" Maria Mohn 2013

    Bonus Track on I-Tunes release

Moishe Lichtfuss & The A-Signifying Semiotics

  • A Case Of You "Suburbia" 2004

    A medley with an original song, "Cherry"

  • People's Parties "The Cecil Twain EP"

Mojica, Luis

  • Tin Angel 2014

Molaskey, Jessica  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 2017

  • All I Want "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

    Medley with "Blue"

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

  • Blue "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

    Medley with "All I Want"

  • Both Sides Now "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

  • Carey "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

    A medley with "Dreamland"

  • Chelsea Morning "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

    Medley with "Aquelas Coisas Todas"

  • Dreamland "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

    A medley with "Carey"

  • Help Me "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

  • In France They Kiss On Main Street "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

  • Little Green "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

  • Marcie "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

  • Raised On Robbery "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

  • The Circle Game "Sitting In Limbo" PS Classics 2007

    Done as a medley with "Waters Of March" (Antonio Jobim)

  • The Circle Game "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

    Medley with "Waters of March"

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

  • The Last Time I Saw Richard "Portraits of Joni" Ghostlight Deluxe 83347-02 2017

Molenaar, Jerney   [artist website]

  • Woodstock 2006

    Download from website

Moline, Bob

  • Both Sides Now "By Request" Kenro Records KR 100 1975

Molly Tuttle & John Mailander

  • Morning Morgantown "Molly Tuttle & John Mailander" Molly Tuttle & John Mailander 2014

Molly Venter with Strings Attached

  • A Case Of You "Strings on Grass 9​.​26​.​14 " 2014

  • Chelsea Morning "Strings on Grass 9​.​26​.​14 " 2014

  • Favorite Colour "Strings on Grass 9​.​26​.​14 " 2014

Monaghan, Liv

  • Edith And The Kingpin "Bird&Bass II" 2015

Mond, Anna

  • Both Sides Now "Departure Time" Andraerecords 2016

Monder, Elisabeth

  • Both Sides Now "Inside Out" Barnette Records 2012


  • A Case Of You 2016

Monheit, Jane  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Come Dream With Me" N2K 4219 2001

Monheit, Jane   [artist website]

  • Twisted "Never Never Land" N-Coded Music NC-4207-2 2000

Monica Guareschi Group

  • Woodstock "Monica Guareschi Group" 1995

Monroe, Andy

  • River "Songs for a Winter Night" Compact Risks 2011

Monroe, Ashley  [artist website]

  • River 2015

    Video recorded for the A.V. Club

Monroe, Michael

  • A Case Of You "Simple Life" MisTree CD10017 2005

  • Both Sides Now "Folk Legends Too" Mistree Solar Powered Recordings 2016

  • River "Wintersong" MisTree 10017 2007

Montellanico, Ada

  • Black Crow "Suono Di Donna" Incipit INC 138 2011

Montes, Marguerite

  • A Case Of You

  • Blue 2010

    Audio from a Youtube video

  • Both Sides Now

  • For Free 2010

  • Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig’s Tune) 2010

    Audio from a Youtube video; Recorded live at the Cool Creek Cafe Bellingen Australia

  • Little Green

  • Rainy Night House 2010

    Audio from a Youtube video; performed live at the Bellingen Gelato Bar, Bellingen Jazz Festival 2008. Marguerite Montes Vocals and Louise Gore Piano.

  • The Last Time I Saw Richard 2010

    Audio from a Youtube video; Live at the Cool Creek Cafe 2007 Bellingen Australia.

  • Woodstock 2010

Montgomery, Carolyn

  • People's Parties "Reveille"

  • The Same Situation "Reveille"

Montgomery, Marion & Richard Rodney Bennett  [artist website]

  • Chelsea Morning "Surprise, Surprise" Cube Records HIFLY 24 1977

Monti, Roberto

  • All I Want

Montreal Jazz Club

  • A Case Of You "Montreal Jazz Club" Analetka 2004

  • Both Sides Now "Session 2" Analekta AN 2 8832 2005

Moolman, Philip

  • Both Sides Now "Philip Moolman" 1994

Moon, Catherine  [artist website]

  • The Beat of Black Wings "Out Here On The Road" Incantation Records 2002

Moon, Lynsey   [artist website]

  • Urge For Going "Okay, One More & That's It" 2012

Moore, Abi

  • River "It's Not the Night to Be Alone" Honest Records 2015

Moore, Bill

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Bill Moore" 1969

Moore, David

  • River "Bedtime Music For Children" In The Mood 2012

Moore, Kate

  • Black Crow 2013

Moore, Kathy  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Across Time; singing & songs by Kathy Moore" Kathleen Moore 2007

Moore, Kristie Nix

  • River "Stained Glass: The Colors of Christmas" 2017

Moore, Mandy  [artist website]

  • Help Me "Coverage" Epic Records EK 90127 2003

Moorer, Allison  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Mockingbird" New Line 39106 2008

Mor, Bat-El

  • River 2012

Moreland, Merigail

  • Both Sides Now

Moreno, Bobo  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" Stunt Records 2010

Morgan, David

  • Both Sides Now "How Long (Must I Wait For You)" Waterview Productions CGI12518 1997

    Medley: Spanish Fandango/Both Sides Now/Wheels

Morgenroth, Otis

  • Edith And The Kingpin 2017

  • Sex Kills 2017

Morian, Marge

  • Urge For Going "The Nameless Coffeehouse Strike 2" Custom Fidelity Records CFS-2047 1969

Morie, Brenda  [artist website]

  • Twisted "Meant To Be" 2003

Moring, Cyndi  [artist website]

  • Be Cool "Cover Art" Cyndi Moring 2013

  • Two Grey Rooms "Cover Art" Cyndi Moring 2013


  • Don't Interrupt The Sorrow "California Son" Étienne 538481131 2019

Moriyama, Ryoko  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Today's Pop Hits" Philips FX-10007 1974

Morley, Bob

  • Chelsea Morning "Songman" Bob Morley 634

  • The Circle Game "Life I Love You" Jewel Records LPS 422 1974


  • For Free "Struck Like Silver" Fantasy 9402 1974

Morning Morgantown Band

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Morning Morgantown Band" Secret Home Party SR-10 2012

Morrau, Sarah  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "...To Hold You" Oceansky Productions OR224 1999

  • Woodstock "Here's To Life" Sarah Morrau 489246 2008

Morris, Allyson

  • Both Sides Now "I Saw The Light" 2013

Mortensen, Malene   [artist website]

  • All I Want "Date With a Dream" Stunt Records STUCD 05032 2005

  • All I Want "Chante Noël/Live in Paris " Stunt Records 2008

Mosaic Whispers  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Defrosted" 2004

    College acapella from Washington University

Mosci, Robert

  • River "Holidays" Zographia 52126-2 2004

  • The Circle Game "Boardwalk And Brownstone" Zographia Records 2010

Moscow, Annie  [artist website]

  • Michael From Mountains "Visible" Melonball Records 3-46923 2007

Moseley, Phil

  • Urge For Going "Songs That Go Think in the Night" 2014

Moser, Kathy  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Some 1 Like U" 2009

Mosole, Gianluca  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Magazine" Sente 687055 1994


  • Shadows And Light "Moss" Sunnyside Records SSC 1181 2008

    Theo Bleckmann, Peter Eldridge, Lauren Kinhan, Kate McGarry, and Luciana Souza. The album opens and closes with two different abbreviated versions.

Moss, Ann  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Love Life" Angels Share Records 2016

  • Cactus Tree "Currents" Angels Share Records 2013

  • Conversation "Currents" Angels Share Records 2013

  • The Arrangement "Currents" Angels Share Records 2013

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Currents" Angels Share Records 2013

  • The Hissing Of Summer Lawns "Currents" Angels Share Records 2013

Moss, Becca Willow

  • The Circle Game 2017

    Vocals: Becca Willow Moss Instruments: Devon Lougheed Song recorded at SuperBonBon Sound by Devon Lougheed

Motel Westcoast

  • Woodstock "Motel Westcoast" 2007

Mother Of Pearl

  • Blue Motel Room "sheBOP! A Century of Jazz compositions by Canadian women" Mother Of Pearl MOP02 2003

Mottola, Tony

  • Both Sides Now "Tony Mottola & The Guitar Underground" Project 3 PR/50355D 1969

Moura, Ana  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Desfado" Universal Music Portugal, S.A. 00602537617074 2012

Mouskouri, Nana  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "The Equisite Nana Mouskouri " Fontana Records STL 5536 1969

    Recorded as "From Both Sides Now"

  • Both Sides Now "Récital 70" Fontana Records 6312 003 1970

    Recorded in French as "Je N'Ai Rien Appris"

Mover, Joy  [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "Insight" Joy Mover Music 2017

Moxey, Tim

  • Both Sides Now "Stargazing"


  • Raised On Robbery "It Takes Moxie" NS3847 2003

MPE Band  [artist website]

  • Twisted

Mt. Hood Community College Vocal Jazz Ensemble

  • Both Sides Now "Walk Softly" Mt. Hood MH-1000

Mulberry Lane  [artist website]

  • River

    Audio from Artist website

Mulder, Marissa  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Illusions" Miranda Music 2012

  • Chelsea Morning "Two Tickets Left" Mirandamusic 2018

Mulholland, Patricia

  • Shades Of Scarlett Conquering "Coming Home" Patricia Mulholland 3451 2005

Muller, Liesl

  • Both Sides Now "The Little Things" 2011

Mulligan, Carol

  • The Circle Game "At Last" Carol Mulligan / Dynamic Recording 843310043523 2012

Mulry, Ted  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Falling In Love Again" Albert/EMI 1970

Mulvey, Peter  [artist website]

  • River "Wonderland - A Winter Solstice Celebration" Signature Sounds Recording Company SIG 1266 2001

Mundy, MaryJo  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Halfway To Heaven" 2007

Munro, John

  • Both Sides Now "Look Over Your Shoulder" Salmar Records 1969

Murakami Yuki

  • Both Sides Now "Both Sides, Now" Silent PSCR-6142 2004

Murney, Julia  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "I’m Not Waiting" 2006

Murphy's Law

  • Urge For Going "Red Rose Cafe" Murphy's Law 2013

Murphy, Laurel  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Whan I Was A Bird" 2015

Murphy, Mark   [artist website]

  • Barangrill "Mark II" Muse Records 5041 1974

Murphy, Mark  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "This Must Be Earth" Phoenix PMS 1001 1970

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Jazz Standards" 32Jazz 32063 1998

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Bop For Miles" High Note HCD 7126 2004

    Live in Vienna, May 10, 1990

  • Twisted "Rah!" Riverside RS-9395 1961

Murphy, Orla   [artist website]

  • Be Cool "Wishful Thinking" 2007

Murray, Anne  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "What About Me" Pickwick SPC 3350 1969

Murray, Martha Wilke  [artist website]

  • Carey "South of Somewhere" Cool Heat Music, West 85th LLC 2010

Muruga & the Cosmic Hoedown Band  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Changing the Sound of Your Room" Musart Media 2015

Music For A While

  • Both Sides Now "In Concert" Disky Vintage 2014


  • A Case Of You "Inspirational Guitar Music" Shamrock n' Roll 2009

Mutsers, Cor  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "My Fingerprints"

My Father's Hammer

  • Woodstock "Single" AudioWarrior 2011

My Flexible Friends  [artist website]

  • You Dream Flat Tires "Tribeauty" 2001

Myers, Linda

  • Both Sides Now "Heaven Is This" Clearaudio Records CD040492 1992

Myers, Owen  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now 2010

    Audio from Artist website

Myhre, Wenche

  • Big Yellow Taxi

Mystic Moods Orchestra

  • Both Sides Now "Love Token" Philips PHS-600-321 1969