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R. Michael Torrey
   Urge For Going 2000
R.L. Thomas Choir
   Both Sides Now 1971
Rachel Z Trio
   All I Want 2002
   Big Yellow Taxi 2002
   Both Sides Now 2002
   Carey 2002
   Chinese Cafe 2002
   Free Man In Paris 2002
   Help Me 2002
   Ladies Man 2002
   Lakota 2002
   Moon At The Window 2002
   River 2002
   The Circle Game 2002
Rachman-German, Stav
   Morning Morgantown
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
Rada, Jaclyn
  Featuring Kellie Ann Lotrich on vocals
Radiator Hospital
   Carey 2013
Radler, Heike
   Both Sides Now
Radtke, Bruce
   The Circle Game 2005
Rae, Maya
   River 2013
Rae, Nygira
   Help Me
Rafael Jung Trio & Britta Rex
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines
Ragogna, Mike
   Night Ride Home 2004
Raider, Nat
   Both Sides Now
Raimondi, Barbara
   Both Sides Now 2008
   Twisted 2008
Raison D'Etre
   The Last Time I Saw Richard 1999
Raitt, Bonnie
   That Song About The Midway 1974
   That Song About The Midway 1988
   Woodstock 1971
Raknes, Eldbjorg
   River 2009
Raknes, Steiner
   All I Want 2008
   Woodstock 2012
Ramsey, Heather
   River 2011
Rancho High School Madrigal Singers
   Both Sides Now 1969
Rand, Joanne
   Woodstock 2015
Randi Tytingvåg with Dag S. Vagle & Erlend Aasland
   Both Sides Now 2015
Randi, Don
   Both Sides Now 1969
Randolph, Boots
   Both Sides Now 1970
Random Maxx
   Carey 1999
Rankin, John
   Big Yellow Taxi 2002
Raphaël Imbert, Marion Rampal, Pierre Fenichel, Paul Elwwod
   Urge For Going 2014
Rathje, Dean
   A Case Of You 2012
Rauch, Idette
   A Case Of You
Raug, Pia
   Carey 1979
  Recorded in Danish as "Kaj"
   Black Crow 2014
Ray Kelley Band
   Big Yellow Taxi 1999
Rayson, Jonathan
   River 2006
Real Time
   Carey 2004
   Both Sides Now 2015
Red Birds
   Both Sides Now
Red, Connie
   All I Want 2010
Redford, Lisa
   River 2014
Redman, Joshua
   I Had A King 1998
Redmond, Langosch & Cooley
   Coyote 2013
Redmond, Mary Ann
   The Magdalene Laundries 2009
  CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore
Reed, Catherine
   Big Yellow Taxi 2003
Reed, Will
   River 2012
Reeds, J. Michael
   People's Parties 2006
Rees, Rose Mary
   Chelsea Morning
   Chelsea Morning
Reeves, Dianne
   Both Sides Now 1995
   Both Sides Now 1995
   River 1999
   River 2002
Reeves, Jessie
   All I Want 2014
Reeves, Susan
   Both Sides Now
  With Don Fraser & his Orchestra
Refuge Trio
   Refuge Of The Roads 2009
Reiber, Julie
   Little Green 2012
Reichman, Janelle
   Both Sides Now 2011
Reijers, Rodrigo
   A Case Of You 2011
Reilly & Maloney
   River 1977
Rejto, Nika
   Twisted 2006
Réka Nagy Quartet
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2012
Rendell, Don
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 1996
  Features Christine Tobin on vocal
Rennison, Colleen
   Coyote 2014
Renzo Jazz
   I Had A King
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Michael From Mountains 1971
   Michael From Mountains 1974
   Woodstock 1974
Restless Wind
   Both Sides Now 2004
  Download from website
   Cactus Tree 2004
  Download from website
   Conversation 2004
  Download from website
   Morning Morgantown 2004
  Download from website
   Night In The City
   Urge For Going 2003
  Download from website
   Both Sides Now
Retail Snail
   Woodstock 2000
  Jemima Price
Reyes, Art
   Both Sides Now 2004
Reynolds, Mary Catherine
   That Song About The Midway 2003
   A Case Of You 2005
   For Free 1976
Rhül, Annot
   Roses Blue 2007
Ribak, Tzlil
   Song To A Seagull 2014
Riccards, Abigail
   The Circle Game 2013
Rice, Melanie
   Both Sides Now 2013
Rice, Tony
   Urge For Going 1988
Rich And Nona
   The Circle Game
Rich, Julia
   Both Sides Now 2006
Richard, Cliff
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 2002
Richardson, Monica
   Big Yellow Taxi 2007
Richter, Chip
   Big Yellow Taxi 2014
  Released as "Big Yellow Bus (Taxi)"
Rickfors, Mikael
   Both Sides Now 2004
Ride, Johnny
   Help Me 2012
Riguelle & Hautekiet
   How Do You Stop 1998
Riley, Ashley
   River 2012
Riley, David James
   River 2013
Riley, Illman
   For Free 1971
Ring, Milan
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2012
Riperton, Minnie
   Woman Of Heart And Mind 1981
Risman, Shael
   A Case Of You
Ritenour, Shirley
   Both Sides Now 2009
Ritter, Leslie & Scott Petito
   Woodstock 2001
Rivera, Gracie
   Both Sides Now 1977
Roach, Felix
   Both Sides Now 2009
  In a medley with "Send In The Clowns"
Roadhouse 59
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 2014
RoadKnight, Margret
   Marcie 1973
Rob Parton Big Band
   River 2013
Rob Tyre & Aaron Wallace
   Woodstock 2014
Robert Glasper
   Barangrill 2015
Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 2007
  Featuring The Jordanaires
Robert Wood Singers
   Both Sides Now 1972
Roberto Mann Orchestra & Chorus
   Both Sides Now 1968
Roberts, Keith
   Both Sides Now 2009
Roberts, Terry
   Urge For Going
Robertson, Mae
   The Circle Game 1997
Robin & Linda Williams
   Urge For Going 2013
Robin Adler & Dave Blackburn
   Woodstock 2007
  Live recording from 07/21 Joni Mitchell Tribute concert
Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet
   A Case Of You 2011
   A Strange Boy 2014
   All I Want 2011
   Amelia 2010
   Amelia 2014
   Black Crow 2014
   Blue 2010
  Available as a bonus track download
   Blue 2011
   Blue Motel Room 2014
   Both Sides Now 2010
   Both Sides Now 2011
   California 2011
   Car On A Hill 2011
   Carey 2011
   Cherokee Louise 2010
   Court And Spark 2011
   Coyote 2014
   Down To You 2011
   Dreamland 2010
   Free Man In Paris 2011
   Furry Sings The Blues 2014
   Hejira 2014
   Help Me 2010
   Help Me 2011
   Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig’s Tune) 2010
  Available as a bonus track download
   Just Like This Train 2011
   Little Green 2011
   My Old Man 2011
   Night Ride Home 2010
   Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free) 2010
   People's Parties 2011
   Rainy Night House 2010
   Raised On Robbery 2011
   Refuge Of The Roads 2014
   River 2010
  Available as a bonus track download
   River 2011
   Same Situation 2011
   Song For Sharon 2014
   The Jungle Line 2010
   The Last Time I Saw Richard 2011
   This Flight Tonight 2011
   Trouble Child 2011
   Twisted 2011
   Woodstock 2010
Robin Roberts & Billie Preston
   Both Sides Now 2014
Robin's Egg Blue
   River 2013
Robinette, Barbara
   A Case Of You 1996
Robinson, Andy
   For Free 1970
Robinson, Ellen
   If 2012
   The Fiddle And The Drum 2006
Rock Kids Biz
   Big Yellow Taxi 2014
Rocket Science
   Refuge Of The Roads 1992
Rod McCormack & Mick Albeck
   The Circle Game 1996
Rodgers, Jimmie
   Both Sides Now 1969
Rodriguez, Nicholas
   A Case Of You 2015
   Conversation 2015
Rodriguez, Raquel
   California 2013
  From YouTube
Roger & Susanne
   The Circle Game
  Download from Website
Roger Saint-Denis & Dan Gibson
   Both Sides Now 1998
Roggen, Live Marie & Lars Andreas Haug
   Woodstock 1998
Rogue, Jakki
   Both Sides Now
Roine Stolt
   Sex Kills 2005
Rolie Polie Guacamole
   The Circle Game 2012
Roma di Luna
   River 2009
Romani, Graziano
   Last Chance Lost 2008
Rommerts, Marjolijne
   I Had A King 1971
  Recorded in Dutch as "Met een koning".
   Tin Angel 1971
  Recorded in Dutch as "Nieuwe man"
Ron Mesland & Zang Voor Vriendschap
   River 2005
  Recorded in Dutch as "Strenge Vorst" (Hard Frost)
Ronny Kubera & Daniela Konrad
   Both Sides Now 2004
Ronstadt, Linda
   River 2000
   Edith And The Kingpin 2009
  Audio from artist website
Rooij, Caroline de
   River 2000
Room 217
   Both Sides Now 2007
  Guitar: Rob Piltch Piano: Bev Foster
Rory Storm & The Hurricanes
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 2012
Rosana Eckert with Terry Hankins
   Both Sides Now 2007
Rosanes, Tamra
   Woodstock 2012
Rose Ranger & Craig Zurba
   River 2009
Rose, Ashlee
   River 2014
Rose, Barry
   Both Sides Now 2009
Rose, Tim
   Edith And The Kingpin 2009
  Audio from artist website
Rose, Trelawny
   California 2013
Rosendal, Peter
   Both Sides Now 2006
  Peter Rosendal(piano), Graig Earle(bass), Janus Templeton(drums) - Recorded at The Rhthmic Music Conversation And Pelles Room, Denmark, Winter Of 2005
Ross, Don
   River 2014
Ross, Lizzy
   A Case Of You
  Fan Exclusive download from ReverbNation website
Ross, Ricky
   The Circle Game 2005
  Live recording; download from website
Rossio, Carol
   Free Man In Paris 2011
Roth, Kevin
   How Do You Stop 1998
   The Circle Game
Rothenberg, Jeff
   Urge For Going 2015
Rousseou, Nina
   Both Sides Now
Rowe, Cindy
   Both Sides Now 2013
Rowland, Carey
   For The Roses 1978
Roxana Amed & Pedro Aznar
   Amelia 2007
  Live recording - audio taken from Video on
Roy Peters And Friends
Rubén Fernández - Andreu Zaragoza featuring Carme Canela, Pau Domenech & Zamak Quartet
   Barangrill 2015
Ruiz, Ela
   All I Want 2004
  Recorded in both English and in Spanish as "Todo Lo Que Quiero"
Rumba Club
   This Flight Tonight 2001
Rumpf, Inga
   How Do You Stop 1995
Runaway Express
   The Circle Game 2006
  In a medley with "I Wish I Could've Been There" (John Denver) and "Chimes Of Freedom" (Bob Dylan)
   Woodstock 2007
Rundlett, Gail
   A Case Of You 1985
   Conversation 1985
Runolfsson , Anne
   River 2001
Rupert, Michael
   River 2008
Rush, Tom
   The Circle Game 1968
   The Circle Game 2008
  Alternate Take
   Tin Angel 1968
   Urge For Going 1968
   Urge For Going 1982
   Urge For Going 1966
Russell, Helen
   River 2008
Russell, Miranda
   For Free 2011
   You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) 2011
Rydahl, Anneli
   Both Sides Now 2005
Ryder, Anna
   Woodstock 1990
Ryder, Irene
   Both Sides Now 1973