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O'Brien, John
   River 2001
O'Brien, Mary Lou
   River 2011
O'Brien, Paul
   Big Yellow Taxi 2013
O'Brien, Trisha
   Help Me 2010
O'Connor, Des
   Both Sides Now 1970
O'Connor, Jeanne
   Chelsea Morning 2007
O'Connor, Mark
   Both Sides Now 1988
O'Farrell, Anne-Marie
   Song To A Seagull 1992
O'Gara, Cathy
   The Circle Game 2013
O'Hara, Jill
   River 1993
O'Hara, Mary
   Both Sides Now 1985
O'Keefe, Johnny
   You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care 2008
O'Keefe, Ryan
   Big Yellow Taxi 2014
O'Neill, Gene
   Both Sides Now 2004
O, Raven
   Both Sides Now 2005
Oak Park-River Forest Junior High School Chorus
   Both Sides Now 1972
   The Circle Game
Oberlin, Karen
   Barangrill 2000
   Love 2014
Oglesbee, Scott
   Both Sides Now 1999
   Black Crow 2012
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2012
Okkervil River
   Blonde In The Bleachers 2007
  Available on their website as a download
Ólafsdóttir, Guðlaug Dröfn
   Both Sides Now 2007
Oldham, Tina
   Blue 2011
   Both Sides Now 1969
Oliver, Delfina
   All I Want 2010
   River 2010
Oliver, Karyn
   A Case Of You 2012
Olma, Karin
   The Circle Game 2008
Olsen, Kristina
   Willy 2010
Olsiewicz, Krystyna
   Carey 1999
Omilian, Nina
   Cactus Tree 2014
   I Had A King 2014
   Song To A Seagull 2014
One Day International
   River 2010
   Cherokee Louise
Opie Gone Bad
   River 2011
  featuring Kirk Montgomery
   Both Sides Now 2014
Orchard West
   The Dawntreader 2012
Orchester der Vereinigten Bühnen Wien
   Both Sides Now 2004
Organic Quintet:
Joe Locke, Jeremy Pelt, Dave Ellis, Peter Barshay, Lewis Nash
   Both Sides Now 2006
   Both Sides Now 1970
Ornadel, Cyril
   Both Sides Now 1970
Orquesta Música Maravillosa
   Both Sides Now 2015
Orta, Debbie
   Both Sides Now 2014
Orton, Beth
   River 1997
   River 2014
  Track on Amazon's 2014 holiday collection
Osborne, Jeanette
   River 2011
   Woodstock 2005
Oschlag, Sara
   Harlem In Havana
  Audio from Artist's MySpace site
Otero, Florencia
   A Case Of You 2012
   Blue 2012
   Both Sides Now 2012
   California 2012
   Down To You 2012
   I Had A King 2012
   Little Green 2012
   River 2012
   Same Situation 2012
   The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines 2012
   Woodstock 2012
   Both Sides Now
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
Ottaviano, Roberto
   Sweet Sucker Dance 1988
   The Circle Game 2015
Otway, John
   Woodstock 1992
   Both Sides Now 2010
   River 2008
Overton, Bill
   A Case Of You 2014
Oz, Lea
   Blue 1997