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   This Flight Tonight 2000
Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
   Big Yellow Taxi 2010
Eason, Sam
   Big Yellow Taxi 2014
Easton, Sheena
   Raised On Robbery 1982
Easy Rider Band
Ebbenhout, Nina
   Both Sides Now 2008
Ebersole, Christine
   The Circle Game 1997
Ebinal, Regina
   Both Sides Now 2013
Ebsen, Kiki
   Woodstock 2010
Ebstein, Katja
   Both Sides Now 1973
  Lyrics By [German Text] - Michael Kunze
Ecco Singers
   Big Yellow Taxi 2014
Echo, Samantha
   Blue Boy 2015
Eclar, Dianne
   Both Sides Now 2002
   A Case Of You 2011
   Both Sides Now
  From A John Peel Session
Eddie From Ohio
   Big Yellow Taxi
Eddie Nuenning & Lara Schallenberg
   Urge For Going 2007
   Both Sides Now 2013
Eder, Linda
   Both Sides Now 2008
Edgecomb, Elizabeth
   River 2007
Edwards, Kathleen
   You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) 2013
  Live performance from Luminato Festival, Toronto, ON, June 19, 2013
Edwards, Nokie
   Both Sides Now 2003
Edwards, Skye
   River 2011
Egan, Susan
   Both Sides Now 2004
Eidi, Lara
   Both Sides Now 2011
   Both Sides Now 2005
   The Circle Game 2004
Eisler, Melissa
   Both Sides Now 2013
Ekedal, Tahkus
   Both Sides Now
Elaine and Mike
   Both Sides Now 2009
   The Circle Game 2009
Eldbjørg Raknes & Oscar Grönberg
   River 2014
Electric Bug Trio
   Night Ride Home 2011
Elektra Women's Choir
   The Circle Game 2014
  featuring Stephanie Ching & Kate MacColl
Elin-Salt, Kate
   A Case Of You 2014
Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet
   Both Sides Now 2004
   My Old Man 2011
Elizabeth, Kirsten
Elkinson, Ken
   Blue 2008
Eller, Cassia
   Cherokee Louise 2012
Elliot, Cass
   I Had A King 1968
  From Andy Williams television special Apr 28, 1968
   Sisotowbell Lane 2005
  Previously unreleased; recorded for her debut solo album
   I Don't Know Where I Stand 2005
Elly May Quintet
   All I Want 2007
Elly's Band
   Chelsea Morning 2010
   Big Yellow Taxi 1991
Elmhurst College Jazz Band
   Court And Spark 2009
   River 2010
Elsmore, Theresa
   California 2008
   Chelsea Morning
   The Dawntreader
Elvis Costello & Herbie Hancock
   Edith And The Kingpin 2009
  From Sundance Channel's "Spectacle" broadcast February 3, 2009. Also featured are Christian McBride on bass and Karriem Riggins on drums.
Ely, Rick
   The Circle Game 1971
Emborg/Larsen Quintet
   All I Want 1991
  Double Bass, Electric Bass – Jens Melgaard Drums – Jonas Johansen Piano – Jørgen Emborg Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Hans Ulrik Vocals – Mona Larsen
Emma Frank and Jean Sebastian Duo
   Help Me 2013
Emma Frank Quartet
   All I Want 2014
Emma Lee and Ben Cohen
   Edith And The Kingpin
   Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Endo, Masami
   Night Ride Home 2013
Energy Shower
   Both Sides Now 2008
  Download from Soundclick Website
Engelken, Lisa
   Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire 2013
   Trouble Child 2010
Engling, Gail
   Big Yellow Taxi 2012
   Free Man In Paris 2012
English Girls
   Help Me 2000
English, Hannah
   Big Yellow Taxi
  Download from artist's Soundclick website
English, Michael
   Both Sides Now 2001
English, Ralna
   Both Sides Now
   Cactus Tree 2014
Ennis, Ethel
   For Free 1998
Enoch Light & The Brass Menagerie
   Both Sides Now 1969
Ensemble Petit & Screen Land Orchestra
   The Circle Game
Epp, Amber
   All I Want 2013
Erelli, Mark
   A Case Of You 2006
  Download from website - It was recorded at the Iron Horse Music Hall on 8/19/2005
   Big Yellow Taxi 2013
  Released November 2013 as his monthly mp3 as a tribute to Joni's 70th birthday.
   Carey 2004
  Downloaded from his website
Erickson, McCall
   Both Sides Now
  Live recording from Myspace website
Erik Archbold & Laura Schopen
   Woodstock 2013
Erika Lloyd & Cameron Mizell
   All I Want 2009
Errico, Melissa
   Night Ride Home 2003
Erstes Deutsches Harfenensemble
   Both Sides Now 1993
Esmé Bos
   Big Yellow Taxi 2002
Esmé, Francesca
   Be Cool 2011
Esp Vocal Trio
   Help Me 2014
Espelid, Erik
   A Case Of You 2000
Esselstyn, Micki
   Both Sides Now 1989
Estes, John
   Both Sides Now 2003
   Chelsea Morning
Eu, Dick
   Big Yellow Taxi 2014
  feat. Rosita Ng
Euclid Junior High School
   Both Sides Now 1971
Eugene Van Beethoven
   All I Want 1989
Eunmi, Lee
   Both Sides Now 2012
Euro Grass
   Woodstock 1996
European Jazz Trio
   Both Sides Now 2003
Eusebe, Sharon
   River 2004
   Both Sides Now 1970
  Julio Bernardo Euson (born April 12, 1941), professionally known as Euson, is an Aruban-Dutch singer, songwriter and occasional actor.
Eva, Danielle
   Both Sides Now 2010
Evans, Christine
   River 2006
  Download from Artist Website
Evennett, Nic
   People's Parties 2011
   Same Situation 2011
Ewton, Terri
   Twisted 2007
Exit 9
   Big Yellow Taxi 2007