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Shades of Scarlet Conquering

Piano music transcribed by Dave Blackburn

Author Notes:

This is one of the gorgeous piano ballads from the Hissing album. It launches right in with the signature Maj9 (no 3rd) chord ie E/A that Both Joni and Steely Dan employed so extensively. Interestingly Joni almost always used it in her piano writing and hardly ever in her guitar writing.

This transcription is pretty accurate but not slavish to detail in the left hand in places where it is next to impossible to discern. Also to keep the page count manageable I used a repeat around letter A and B and I realize there are minor variations in what she plays the second time through. Also the quarter note triplet figure at bars 24 and 49 she plays sometimes more like 8th/quarter/8th and sometimes more like a triplet. I chose to standardize it as a triplet.

Thanks to Barnaby Finch for his expert proof reading.

Dave Blackburn

[Original Sibelius file, compatible with Sibelius 7+]

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