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Man To Man

by Joni Mitchell

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No demands
Just pleasurable sensations
Hand in hand
No far reaching plans
No no hand in hand
Well I keep on trying to understand
Daylight bright
How come I keep moving
From man to man to man?
Giving my sweet love
Tasting sweet love
Woman to man

Sometimes it's easy
You drift with the empty gladness
Like it all belongs
Sometimes it's low down sadness
Like it's all gone so wrong
When I saw you standing there
I said to myself
M-m-m here's a place
I could break down and care
I'll give him my sweet love
Taste his sweet love
Real sweet love
Woman to man

I don't like to lie
But I sure can be phony when I get scared
I put my nose up in the air
Stoney, stoney when I get scared
When I saw you standing there
I was scared
I thought
Oh I hope he can care
I sure hope I can care
I hope we can really care
And share woman to man
Cause I've been moving
Man to man to man to man to man
Oh what am I looking for?
Man to man to man to man
A lot of good guys gone through my door
To man to man to man
Man to man to man
Woman to man

© 1982; Crazy Crow Music

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