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1974.03.07 Joni's next appearance Johnson Gymnasium, Univ. of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM

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allenn on

The only time I got to see Joni in concert is not listed here [ed: since added!], and I'm not at all sure of the date, but I drove my 53 Chevy to see her in Albuquerque, at the Johnson Gym on the UNM campus. I'm pretty sure it was in 1974, but like most of us, if your remember the '70s, you weren't there. Maybe she wants to forget about that show, but I do not. She came out in jeans and work shirt for the first set, and though the accoustics of the gym were not good, she sounded marvelous. When she came back out after the intermission, she wore a marvelous dark blue long dress, and I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me. It never would have happened, but the desire was there. Tom Scott and the L.A. Express backed her, and I got the idea, somehow, that she and Tom were communicating on more than a musical level, but the sound was terrific, considering the setting. I floated home after the concert, driving my '53 Chevy pickup in a daze of pot and Joni's music.