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1974.03.08 Joni's next appearance Balch Fieldhouse, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder Boulder, CO

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  • I believe this was taken at the concert mentioned here. Would have loved to have been there. [pt8648]
  • Photo © Jeff Rudin

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schimfry on

I was 25 years old and too poor to own a car, so I hitch-hiked on a chilly afternoon from my place and bakery business up in Breckenridge, down to Boulder to CU campus field house. I got a lucky ride north from an I-70 off-ramp with a couple who were going to the concert. As a restaurant employee the previous winter in Breckenridge, I always requested Joni Mitchell songs from the local folk singer who was hired as evening entertainment some nights. It was great to be able to soak in her music in person that evening.

OGeoDave on

I remember Joni saying at this concert that when she grew up in the 1950's people didn't seem to put too much thought into what they did - a lot of greased-back hair and cigarettes rolled up in t-shirt sleeves, etc. She said she hoped that this generation could do a little better, and put a little more thought into how we lived. I'm not sure whether our generation actually did that or not, but it was a great comment.