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1983.05.07 Joni's next appearance L'Arena di Verona Verona, Italy

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  • Photo by Roberto Ugolini
  • Photo by Roberto Ugolini
  • Photo by Steve Benjamins
  • ARENA di VERONA, 7 may 1983 - Concert Ticket [Chivers]
  • Verona from stands [arturo]

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antoniodeste on

I was 23 and i already loved Joni since many years... . That show was pure magic... with Russell Ferrante, Larry Klein, Vinnie Colaiuta and Mike Landau. So many fond memories... <3


It was Joni's first concert in Italy, and it was my first Joni concert ! She performed in a magic set , the old roman theatre, in front of an attentive crowd that grew enthusiastic when she played " God must be a boogie man" and " I Heard it through the grapevine ". Beautiful concert, Joni so professional and beautiful.
The band was also great. Beautiful memories...


(Submitted by Mauro Regis on May 10, 2000):
Joni performed her first ever show in Italy, in Verona, in the ancient roman amphitheatre, in front of a crowd of about 10,000 people. She played a usual WTRF tour setlists, with great renditions of old tunes and new ones. She ended the show with "Woodstock" all alone in front of thousand of little firelights the lit the night. She loved this moving scene, as told in a press conference a couple of days after in Milano. After Verona she played in Genova (though no note or tapes are available) on 8th, and Milano on 9th (tape available).