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1983.03.25 Joni's next appearance Sydney Opera House Sydney, Australia

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  • Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 20


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sebrose on

I spent 2 months in Sydney before spending another 4 months hitching around the country. The Joni concert was the musical highpoint in the capital (easily beating Dire Straits at the Botanic Gardens - although Redgum at Kuranda Amphitheatre probably wins overall).

I went to the concert with a couple of friends, but I have to admit that my memories are pretty sketchy after 30 years. The three things that I remember most clearly are the zither (or lap guitar) on Case Of You, the venue's surprisingly bad acoustics for the electric set and the cockroaches climbing the walls of my friend's flat when we went back there afterwards.

wildthings on

This would have to has been one of the best concerts of Joni & band's whole tour. When compared with Dvd of the London concert, the Sydney Opera house fm - broadcast of '83 has a loose yet confident feel. The band really locked in early, as evidenced by Coyote - playful swinging approach yet perfect feel delivered by Vinnie Colutia. The concert continues to even greater heights with "better than the orignial arrangement" Song for Sharon and the acoustic numbers that followed. I agree with the comments about the capital theatre dates, as leaving you feeling a little short changed.The feeling in the room at SOH was one of great warmth and affection. Extended audience applause for each song gave this recent 19year old fan the impression that the audience were pushing her along, and farewelling her at this her last ever Australian concert. I feel so lucky i was in the presence of greatness and then was able to relive a concert that was also recorded so instinctively by 2day FM at the time. Ironically, the room felt very formal & somewhat cold for a rock concert. In addition to that, and shocking at the time was the booing at the end of the louder songs from the crowd. This was the effect of the lead guitar. It quickly became apparent that the acoustics for the Sydney concert hall did not suit electric guitars and drums. Acoustics of the Sydney Opera house concert hall worked beautifully for Joni when she played on her own, or with band and Mike Landau playing atmospherically. But every time Mike hit the distortion pedal the room was immediately transformed into something that resembled a boeing jet engine testing facility. The FM broadcast i recorded onto cassette does not give any evidence of that and is mixed far better than the UK concert. Joni's voice falters twice due the ciggies, but that is not significant. This concert is still an amazing document. I love all the Wild things songs. I'm a big fan of all the musicians in the band. Love what Larry has done with Joni since and also his work with Walter Becker. Mike's work with James Taylor, Vinnie's playing on ' Negative Girl' Amelia, Woodstock, He played real Good & Case of You give you goosebumps. Me and my friend Chris had full access to the backstage area, having accidentally bought backstage passes only tickets from sons of the promoter in front of the venue that afternoon. We wondered backstage before the concert but didnt have the courage to approach anyone! You should hear this recording! Legendary! Hope my songs get to your ears soon Joni. Much love, Andrew.  [ed.]  [ed.]