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1983.03.24 Joni's next appearance Sydney Opera House Sydney, Australia

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KerryK on

I was so lucky to be at this concert at Sydney Opera House. I'd been a fan since Blue when I was in High School. It surprises me that it was 1983. My daughter must have been almost ready to be born. She loves Joni too. She has a 5 week old baby now and that little girl will no doubt thrive from Joni's influence.
This morning I woke up worrying about Joni. I have really appreciated this website - the update on her recovery, the opportunity to relive that amazing Sydney concert....while listening to Hissing of Summer lawns.

BrentDehn on

I had just been converted to Joni by my girlfriend not long before this concert but unfortunately I didn't get to go to this one. Imagine my pleasure though when local radio station 2DAY FM recorded and broadcast (in it's entirity-84 min's) this concert a few days later. I was fortunate enough to have taped it on cassette and I've listened to this tape more times than I count over the years. I've cleaned it up on my ProTools rig and put it on CD so that my kids can now enjoy it like I have for all these years. A great concert.

ptc on

I was at one of the Sydney Opera House concerts (so long ago I can't remember which one), and a great friend had made Joni a lei of frangipani flowers. She snuck down to the front and threw it at Joni's feet, which gave her a terrible fright and she stopped mid-chord. "Got jazzed by the lei", she said, put it on and started the song again. It was a fabulous concert, of course.