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1979.08.17 Joni's next appearance Alpine Valley Music Theatre E. Troy, WI

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  • Ad published in the Chicago Tribune<br>April 22, 1979; pg. D7
  • Ad published in the Chicago Tribune<br>
August 12, 1979; pg. G6
  • Photo: Paul Natkin

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jlark on

Gosh did it pour. Joni & the band were rockin' but the weather took center stage after four or five songs.

james on

after the 1st show this day we all went down to the y where joco kicked ass as the purswations and played basket ball.i was sitting with jocos wife .we were laughing where he came over and ask.is everything all right?she said he is different.if my wife likes u so do i.that started a lond close friendship where i saw many shows of his back stage as his guest.i still have my mingus backstage pass he joni pat allsigned.onthis day.still have the album he wrote'"heres to jim .joco.

jjrose on

I'm sure there was another appearance at Alpine Valley. I recall the song about Black Crow and I started crying.


Randall Johnson writes: I was so looking forward to seeing her this day. I discovered her in the used record bins and pick up "Miles of Aisles" because I liked the painting. I soon had every album up to Mingus and was ready to go up to Wisconsin to enjoy the show. My dad and brother took me up and everything started out great. Joni was in great voice singing "Free Man" wonderfully. When it started to rain, I didn't even think about it. Only that the lawn people were going to get wet. The winds picked up and I can still remember the surprised look Jaco gave during his solo when a giant gust blew back his hair!. The storm grew and grew and to my surprise, I looked down and a river of water was streaming under the entire seating sections! We sat and watched as the front of the stage slowly turned into a lake with the water level rose and rose. The power was shut down on stage and Joni after awhile came out and stood at the edge of the stage yelled to us and appologize to everyone that the show was canceled. What a night. It was the only time I ventured to Alpin Valley.