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1979.08.16 Joni's next appearance Alpine Valley Music Theatre E. Troy, WI

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  • Ad published in the Chicago Tribune<br>April 22, 1979; pg. D7
  • Ad published in the Chicago Tribune<br>
August 12, 1979; pg. G6

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Highdee on

Witnessing this stellar performance by Joni and the spectacular constellation of other musicians was a singular experience. True, Joni did not speak verbally to the audience that evening, but this didn't matter one iota. The musical impact she created was huge nonetheless. Jaco (and the others) were in prime form, too. This concert was nothing short of superb and I will never forget it.

james on

i went up to concert.rain flooded the stage,first 24 rows.it cut it short.we,joco and us had a j party .we all had js starting our first name

linsefilm on

I drove up from Chicago to see this show. As a young bass player, Jaco had been what lured me to Joni, but I soon became a die hard fan. This show was certainly one of the most memorable live music performances I've ever seen - up there with Miles Davis, Weather Report, and Frank Zappa. Joni had what was easily the greatest "backup band" that ever took to the road. Many people don't know that Jaco was the musical director for the tour, and hearing Brecker burn over Jaco and Don Alias was amazing. The fact that Joni not only held her own, but led this all-star band, is a testament to her character as well as her chops. It was also listening to what musicians of this caliber did with her older compositions that made me realize that Joni was a genius musically as well as poetically. And oh yeah, she was crazy sexy on stage, too. I'm weak-kneed just remembering it. I saw her in the lobby of the Chateau Marmont Hotel awhile back - still sexy, still a genius.

lady_crystal8 on

Thank You once again, God, for guiding me to buy my ticket for the Thursday show, which was one of THE best concert appearances I've seen by ANYONE. Alpine Valley Music Theater was relatively new then, and more relaxed --you could even bring in coolers and chairs in those days. I lived about 15 minutes away, and knew to park by the Lodge (its a ski hill in winter, golf course in summer), which meant I could avoid the giant parking lot & lines, and just enter quickly through the back gate behind the stage. Even if it was a big show, I could get off their property quickly and on the road home. I had great seats, and vendors working the crowd frequently came by with refreshments. Speaking of which, the crowd was primarily folks considerably older than I was (21 then), mostly couples in the 35 - 45 range. The evening was balmy. The show opened with The Persuations, this awesome black a capela trio with incredibly tight harmonies. Think Ink Spots. Then they went off stage, and the main act started. Now, it was a long time ago, but I recall the material going from her older work to newer -- I was still playing Hejira to death in those days-- and back again. As a current lover of smooth jazz, I can't decribe how it was to hear the band she had with her, how it verged at times into this modern genre of jazz. In a way, all of us there that evening were witness to the future of jazz, and perhaps the critics writing the reviews for the local papers just weren't ready yet. Her experiences with Charles Mingus were still fresh in her mind, heart, and inner ear, and that was the magical element she brought forth that night with the exceptionally gifted musicians that comprised her "band", all of whom, as we now know, were nothing short of world class. The end of the performance was sweetened by the return of The Persuations to the stage, who joined with Joni and the band and offered up outstanding backup harmonies that gave a sense of fullness and joy to the closing set. I think I knew even then that I was happy witness to a rare collaboration, and I still mourn for my friends who didn't have to work weekends then, and all got tickets for the Friday show. A tremendous thunderstorm blew in shortly after Joni & Co. took stage that night. As my friend Bruce described it, the lightning was intense (a creek runs through that property, and lightning grounds often there, plus the ski hill where Stevie Ray Vaughn crashed is a high point). The rain was so heavy that within minutes people with lawn seats and regular parking were in a quagmire, and some wacky individuals were even body surfing down the wet clay slope of the amphitheater!
Will I ever see her again? Who knows when providence will bring us back together. I just know that she and that group of musicians gave me one of the best nights of my life. Ever.

Roastzanna on

This was a very memorable concert for me. Joni totally kicked it, looked great, sounded outrageous! The reviews were lukewarm, leading me to believe that whoever wrote them must have been at some other concert.

Concert-going is my one true calling - I've been to many over the years and this one certainly stands out for me.

I'd love to see you again, Joni!


Kerry: It was a great night! I still have the ticket stub, set list and review from the Milwaukee Journal. The headline read: "Joni: Folksy, Jazzy, Glorious" and the sub headline: "Jazz or Folk, Ms. Mitchell is Matchless." Little did I know I'd have to wait 21 years to see her again!