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1979.08.14 Joni's next appearance Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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maria on

Blossom was a great venue to see this concert. It was a pleasant summer evening. We sat under the pavilion. Joni was wonderful and the band was a hot all-star cast! Jaco's playing was incredible. That evening Joni changed the vocals in Hejira replacing Benny Goodman's name with Michael Brecker's.   [ed.]

jstauffer on

I just wish I could have gotten one of the t-shirts with roses on them. I drove from Athens Ohio and met friends there. Weather was perfect which was important since We were sitting on grass.  [ed.]

vincent on

I had taken:2 friends,2roses(1yellow,1red)& a pencil drawing
I had copied from the cover of Leonore Fleischers'
1976 biography of Joni.
I didn't meet her,but was informed by the Blossom staffer who
had taken the roses&drawing(to be autographed) to Joni
that I was fortunate to get the autograph,she didn't give many!