A Chronology of Appearances

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1976.02.10 Joni's next appearance Armory Fieldhouse, Univ. of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH

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  • Photo by Martin Rothchild

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checkered50 on

We, my girlfriends Michele, Debbie and myself, (aundie,) drove th 1hr. into Cincy to see, for me, that she, (Joni,) was a real person! I had turned so many people onto her that grew to love her as I had. The gig was with the LA Express, not sure whether Tom Scott was there or not. We had decent seats off to the side but when Joni appeared I went down to the floor and got as close to the stage as possible; I was very close! LOts of folk were sitting on the floor, as was common back then, I began feeling hands going up my jeans but I just stomped my feet as there was now way I was leaving... Joni did alot of her older hits and alot that were about to be released on "Miles of Aisles." Ofcourse she eventually, with the Charles Mingus album went very jazzy which I believe was a natural transition for her voice and style. My mother sang jazz with the Stan Kenton Band! But Joni has always been, since I was 13-14 yrs.old, my music idol and still is to this day. Now, at 51 y.o., I realize I'll probably never see her again, on tour or TV and yes, if any of her artwork, or prints of her art come up for sale, please contact this kentucky gal who lives back in the boonies with her Vietnam, amputee husband, (flew choppers with Bravo team 1st and ninth,) please let me know.....and though it would be impossible for me to pick one favorite Joni song, "Rufuge of the Road" and "jericho" come real close.... My Jack Russell is named Joni, Jonijojo, and as I'm a childless woman that dog means everything to me just as Joni Mictchell represents and transcends my life changes. Thank-you, Aundie Johnson, 35 burton williams rd. Irvine, ky. 40336, 606-560-4920. I am so very thankful and will never forget seeing that wonderfully, talented woman. xxoo