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1974.09.08 Joni's next appearance New York 'SUMMERSAULT' '74 — Roosevelt Raceway Westbury, NY

Joni shared the bill with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young,
Jesse Colin Young and the Beach Boys. Joni also sang
with CSNY, adding harmony vocals to several of their songs.

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cabfog on

My first time seeing Joni. The concert was the same day Evil Kanieval was to attempt a daredevil stunt jumping over the Snake River Canyon. No one it seemed knew how the jump went. Joni announced to the Evil K. Was last seen going down into the canyon with a parachute engulfing a 2 million dollar check. At least that's my recollection. Very witting comment and great concert!

enigmaps on

I attended this show with the love of my life at the time, a young woman i was madly in love with who bore a striking resemblance to Joni (and who introduced me to Joni, one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me). I remember that hot afternoon very well (actually it more like a 12 hour marathon). Jesse Colin Young opened the show, followed by the Beach Boys, then Joni, followed by Crosby, Stills and Nash (Young was late!) about 30 minutes into their set, Young arrived by helicopter and the place went wild! He ran onto the stage and joined them in mid-song. During their acoustic set, which was brilliant beyond description, Joni joined them for a 5 part harmony which was beautiful, gorgeous really. I wish there was a recording of that event. It was truly memorable.