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1974.09.02 Joni's next appearance Auditorium Arena Denver, CO

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  • Backstage, Photo by Roger Terry
  • Backstage, Photo by Roger Terry
  • Backstage, Photo by Roger Terry
  • Backstage, Photo by Roger Terry
  • Joni. Photo by Julian Wasser.

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joni4me on

Those 4 intermission photos were taken by my best friend's boyfriend at the time, Roger Terry, after pleading with him to "get a closeup". I had been one of those faithful at her scheduled Red Rocks concert where it was raining/snowing, sitting there in the wet & cold waiting, and this was the makeup event. She still had bronchitis but put on a great show anyway.

I hope Roger is okay with this little bit of fame, wherever he is. Thanks, Roger, for preserving memories.

ceeboh12 on

Joni has been my greatest love in music. I learned how to play a dulcimer and sang most of her songs prior to 1974. In August of that year, I gave birth to my only daughter and I was breast feeding, not wanting or being able to be gone from my child for long. Joni was scheduled at Red Rocks, not far from my home, so my husband stayed and I went alone. It started raining and they cancelled the show, I was stuck way back in the parking lot since I arrived early to get the best seat. I waited for several hours to leave, worried sick about my hungry child. The tears and the milk were flowing from me and I had waited so long to see the only artist/muscian I have ever really related to. The next day she was to perform at Denver's Auditorium and I had to make it, still longing for the magic of Joni at Red Rocks, I went early and it seemed as tho' it took hours for her to take the stage. Finally, she appeared and her words, her voice, her being, her music melted me. It was the greatest musical event in my life, then and now, celebrating the new birth of my child and the connection I have always had to the creativity of Joni Mitchell. My daughter has grown up with her as an influence, the same as I, and I know Joni will never ever know what she truely deeply means to me, but that is what true inspiration gives to others. I thank her, am so grateful for the experience and will always have that special moment, when it didn"t matter where she performed, I was just in her presence, surrounded by her magic, her gift of song.
Cee Bohling