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1974.09.14 Joni's next appearance Wembley Stadium London, England

Joni shared the bill with The Band, Jesse Colin Young,
and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
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  • UK newspaper ad for the event
  • Photo by David Ellis.
  • Photo by David Ellis.
  • Photo by David Ellis.
  • Photo by David Ellis.
  • Joni adds harmony to Neil Young's <i>Helpless</i>.
  • ticket stub [thomas27]
  • Joni on stage with Stephen Stills.
  • Joni sang Annie Ross's <i>Twisted</i> as an encore, then brought Annie herself on stage to take a bow. John Guerin on drums.  Photo by Vin Miles.
  • Joni with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. <br>Photo by Vin Miles.
  • Joni with Annie Ross
  •  Photo by Mick Gold
  • Stephen Stills and Joni

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Rob Fractal on

I remember the whole concert and the very hot day. I was staying in a youth club (courtesy of a youth club leader friend) in North London coach traveling from West Yorkshire for the weekend. On the day at the concert the stewards tried in vain to stop many of the crowd from getting on the pitch to get a better view of the stage. I managed to slip by them but my mates got caught and pushed back on to the sidelines. I made my way to the front where l got a great view of Joni , The Band and CSN&Y. A foreign guy gave me lots of tokes of his dope pipe and l was buzzing! The concert was fantastic and the Band were so good as l never heard them much previously and was very impressed. Joni was perfect.
The whole concert was brilliant and my fave Neil Young was great to see him perform. On the way to the train station l found my mates and they lol at my burnt nose and my how high l was on the music and the fab day.

gillianhills on

I went with my boyfriend, Terry. There was such a tremendous, warm atmosphere.
The electronic display said "We love you, Joni" and I think there were 80,000 people there. Could that be possible?
When it was all over we had to hitch hike all the way back to Newcastle through the night but we were so high on love and music what the hec? And we were young!

cennydd54 on

Can't remember who I went with, or how I got there, but do recall a long, warm day at the old Wembley stadium and the light fading in the evening. And I'll never forget The Band who sounded like nothing else I'd ever heard before, and Graham Nash singing "Our House". I was 20 back then.

EuanCShand on

Just turned 18, I hired a beat up caravanette with my brother and his university friends and drove from Huntly, in the Highlands of Scotland all the way 500 + miles to Wembley where we parked up outside. It' was an amazing few days forever etched in my memory. I was heavily into photography at the time and took some good shots of Joni, sadly my belongings were stolen from my car a few years later including the pictures and negatives. What they didn't steal were my fantastic memories of that stunning voice. I'm now living in LA and occasionally take a spin through Laurel Canyon to capture the feel of that moment too,the late 60,s early 70,s. a time lost maybe but never forgotten.

telstarr on

Hitch-hiked down from Newcastle on the day before with my girl-friend Gill, and a man picked us up and took us to his home in Croydon, gave us a bed for the night and then drove us into London the next day - amazing generosity. Joni, the Band and CSNY were, and still are, my favourite artists after the Beatles, so this was my dream line-up. Sadly, I can't remember a thing about Joni's performance, though I have CSNY's set on DVD. What a shame Joni wasn't filmed. Still, we have Miles of Aisles to remember the era. We tried to hitch-hike back to Newcastle but at 6am the next morning were still waiting for a lift. Someone eventually took us to Peterborough where we gave up and got the train! One of the great stand-out days of my life.

dennismchenry on

Got the train down from Liverpool to London Friday stayed in a hotel with 2 of my friends, got to Wembley but only had tickets for the stands. Had to get onto the pitch so climbed over but my friends got caught. Found them latter as they had paid security to get onto the pitch. What a day and night Joni - The Band - CSNY Will never forget as long as I live !!   [ed.]

francesriddiough on

I had just started teaching when my friends and I went to Wembley. we had seats way out the back so we made our way to the front down in the grounds. The day was deliciously warm and although I loved CSNY it was joni I had come to see.Yet perhaps just as memorable was the 77thousand people all walking to the entrances in silence...... it felt like a pilgimmage.My first big concert and still at the ripe old age of 58 I still remember it vividly.

Johnny-Sundown on

I do have this recording as a memoir. Recorded 1974.09.14, Wembley Stadium, it's Neil Young singing 'Old-Man': (Gee thanks for the memories Neil) with JONI singing a simple back harmony towards the end of the song (┬╗2.50mins). It's all I can find featuring Mitchell but you'll love it, nonetheless.
Recorded on a simple casssette tape of the era, from way back in the audience and the simple mic was on a stick, for a boom.
Copy and Paste into browser address bar. 1.7Mb only. My own site.
Like PM I was in my 17th year, just got my first acoustic and I travelled down from ~Blackpool (Graham Nash's home town too), either hitching or with friends in a big old Merc├ędes. So, now I've just passed a youthful 53 with still neither marriage nor kids here. Curious!
But now I'm setting up my own guitarFX pedals business, and started playing again. I won't say I remember too much about the gig, but this audio helps.

PM on

17 years of age at the time. Already a big fan. Missed the opening game of the footall (soccer) season to be at Wembley. Took me several weeks to get back in the team.
Worth it.
Now, 35 years later (yeah, I'm 52), for some reaon (a bottle of wine down), I post this memory. I was, in the parlance of the time, 'blown away'.
Joni sits at a grand piano and plays 'Blue', unaccompanied, to a full stadium, in late summer sunshine. Has my memory introduced the white doves that were realeased? Or were they there? Who wouldn't be blown away?
So now, a marriage and 3 kids later, I still remember the gig, especially when I play 'Blue', still on vinyl, still smitten, still a fan.
Keep the faith.

idlelayabout on

Went to see CSNY, came away a big Joni fan. Long day, but it got better as the evening went on. Ended up buying all of her CDs, a few books and play Miles of Aisles very often as it reminds me of a fantastic day out.