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1974.02.03 Joni's next appearance Barton Hall, Cornell Univ. Ithaca, NY

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  • Photo by Donald Davis
  • Photo by Donald Davis
  • Photo by Donald Davis
  • Ithaca Journal (1974.02.23): The stage - just a cluster of tables pushed together - is nearly equipped by 1pm. The litter of instruments, electronic gear and lights looks organized only to performers.
  • Ithaca Journal (1974.02.23): More tables build a wall around the stage to prevent over-zealous spectators from becoming part of the performance.
  • Ithaca Journal (1974.02.23): Dick Flight does a last-minute tune-up of the piano. wheeled in from a dorm.
  • Ithaca Journal (1974.02.23): By 8pm Barton is packed to capacity. Standers will sit on the floor. Despite fire regulations, the air is hazy.
  • Ithaca Journal (1974.02.23): Spotlight as big as a cannon is tested on its perch high above Barton floor.
  • Ithaca Journal (1974.02.23): In a pitchblack hall. performers glitter under the lights.
  • Ithaca Journal (1974.02.23): Aftermath: in an hour, one would never know the concert had taken place.

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dougpow on

Will never forget that night. A vanload of people traveled to Cornell from Cortland, where some friends & my brother were attending school. We drove for what seemed to be days, in a massive snowstorm. I was MADLY in love with a girl I grew up with, but more in love with Joni. I was so sad she hadn't played "Blonde in the Bleachers"... it was her encore, I was in my glory. That girl & I married, did not last, but the memory always will. Still considered the best show I've EVER seen...thank you Joni.

Edgeman on

I was a junior at Cornell and a bunch of us went. As it was general admission, we got there well early so we could get a good seat, center stage 5th row. To mimic what Alex said in A Clockwork Orange, "Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh." She opened with Tom Scott and the LA Express with a lot of the Court & Spark music. The best part was the middle concert when she came out alone with her dulcimer and sang California, A Case of You, Carey and All I Want. Then she moved to the acoustic grand piano and sang My Old Man, Blue and The Last Time I saw Richard. Her voice was crystal clear and very emotive like she was singing for you personally. Unbelievable concert!

msmp on

It was my first year in college, and I travelled from Binghamton to Cornell to see Joni's concert. She was in a small-ish room, with a piano and roses. What an intimate magical concert; after all these years and all the concerts I've seen it's one of the 5 best concerts of my life.

rosenbar on

I was a senior in college at Penn State at the time.....a few of us traveled to Ithaca to see her.......the concert was fabulous......I could not believe I was hearing all of her incredible music live......just her on the stage making such gorgeous music.......