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Joni Mitchell Sets Concert On Sunday Print-ready version

Ithaca Journal
January 30, 1974
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Nearly all of the 8,000 tickets to Joni Mitchell's concert Sunday in Barton Hall sold out in two days, despite prices of $4 for Cornell students and $5 for other buyers.

About 300 remained and were expected to be sold today according to the Cornell Concert Commission. They were available at the ticket office in Willard Straight Hall.

The popular folk artist and song writer will perform along with Tom Scott and the L.A. Express at 8 p.m. Sunday in Barton.

Joni Mitchell was an aspiring painter when she began singing in clubs in her native Saskatchewan to help pay art school debts.

When Judy Collins and Buffy Sainte-Marie scored successes with some of her early songs, she realized her career lay in music and she made her Los Angeles debut and published her first album in 1968. "Both Sides Now" and many other Mitchell songs have been top sellers.

The concert commission said tickets to some rock and popular concerts are up by 50 cents this year, due to higher fees requested by performers, though the commission tries to hold prices down. They are still two or three dollars cheaper than in Rochester, New York and other major cities, a spokesman said.

Also expected to sell rapidly are tickets to a Feb. 24 concert by Yes, a group of English rock stars. Tickets will go on sale Monday.

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