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1974.02.02 Joni's next appearance Woolsey Hall, Yale Univ. New Haven, CT

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SCSCandme on

I went to this concert with a boyfriend who had introduced me to Joni's music --which became intertwined throughout our relationship. This concert was a surprise gift from him and no musical moment since has matched the magic of that evening. I still recall the how the clouds painted on the ceiling seem to come alive and pulsate as she sang. (okay, it was the '70's!) I don't know who I was more in love with, him or Joni! Well, she certainly has lasted longer in my life :)

abates826 on

This concert was the most memorable of my life. I was literally leaning on the stage dead center in front of this amazing singer/songwriter who has no equal. Joni was incredible and Tom Scott and the LA Express complimented her talents very well. I have seen her several times and been to hundreds of concerts but this is one I will never forget. I am just sorrowful that we do not get the opportunity to have this experience anymore... I hate to think that I will leave this earth without hearing Song for Sharon live....

WillCarroll on

It was one the most moving concerts in such a great venue and time...
I will never forget that night...

DAD911 on

A very cold night. General admission tickets and sat in the very last row of the balcony, A Magical event. Joni knocked every guy out when she came out in that red dress ! That concert had me hooked. Saw her again the following year in New Haven this time with Tom Scott and the LA Express, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom a couple of years ago and the first thing I asked was "What was it like to play with Joni ?" He just smiled......