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Songs To Aging Children Come

by Joni Mitchell

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Through the windless wells of wonder
By the throbbing light machine
In a tea leaf trance or under
Orders from the king and queen

Songs to aging children come
Aging children, I am one

People hurry by so quickly
Don't they hear the melodies
In the chiming and the clicking
And the laughing harmonies

Songs to aging children come
Aging children, I am one

Some come dark and strange like dying
Crows and ravens whistling
Lines of weeping, strings of crying
So much said in listening

Songs to aging children come
Aging children, I am one

Does the moon play only silver
When it strums the galaxy
Dying roses will they will their
Perfumed rhapsodies to me

Songs to aging children come
This is one

© June 19, 1967; Gandalf Publishing Co.

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chrisfranks on

The first time I heard this was in "Alice's Restaurant". I tried to describe this scene to my wife last night; the new grave, red roses thrown to the lowered casket while snow flurries caressed the mourners, but even after 40 years I became too choked up to speak.

LizKay2010 on

I LOVE this song! Love the lyrics, the vocals/harmonies, the guitar work... WOW!

Vimana on

I'm a songwriter and I'm continuously searching for real music in various styles and places for inspiration. This song is one of my latest discoveries but I feel like I've always known this song by heart.

This song is a timeless masterpiece and it speaks directly to our soul. I wish I could pour melodies of my heart into a song as well as Joni Mitchell can.

There are no words any more, at least for me, to describe this song's beauty... there's "so much said in listening".

Thank you Joni Mitchell!