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Rainy Night House

by Joni Mitchell

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It was a rainy night
We took a taxi to your mother's home
She went to Florida and left you
With your father's gun alone
Upon her small white bed
I fell into a dream
You sat up all the night and watched me
To see who in the world I might be

I am from the Sunday school
I sing soprano in the upstairs choir
You are a holy man
On the F.M. radio
I sat up all the night and watched thee
To see who in the world you might be

You called me beautiful
You called your mother, she was very tanned
So you packed your tent and you went
To live out in the Arizona sand
You are a refugee
From a wealthy family
You gave up all the golden factories
To see who in the world you might be

© January 7, 1970; Siquomb Publishing Corp

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carmelrotem on

such a beautiful song.
the Isles of Miles version is breathtaking, I can hear it all day long. Joni at her best. perfection.

lynx on

One of her songs I identify so much with. I had a crush on a cute blond in high school who used to play this side of the album every time I'd come over to her house. I sort of rediscovered Joni a few years ago and had so much fun buying and playing the cds till I got to this song.