Song Lyrics

Like the Lonely Swallow

by Joni Mitchell

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Kiss me on a Sunday
A hop and skip and run day
And though he left on Monday
His kiss stayed lingering

In the days to follow
my heart became a hollow
and like the lonely swallow
I've but one song to sing
of happy sorrow only love can bring

Letter came on Tuesday
Goodbye to those blues days
He asked me that good new day
to catch the Wednesday train

Hands of clock are lagging
hours pass a dragging
Warning tongues are wagging
You'll break your heart again
But I know this love
would never bring me pain

Often while we wander
My love and I do ponder
Which of us is fonder
of the new love each has found

I say he's the baker
the makes the wonder awaken
Take the refuge that she's seekin
from the stormy world around
And forget the lonely places
she was bound

© 1965


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