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Blue on Blue

by Joni Mitchell

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Blue on blue
Sky's in your eyes
Steer you away like I wasn't here
Where do you go when you fantasize
That you wish I'd disappear
Leave you to dreaming and leave you alone
Lost in a world that's all your own
Can I come, too
Blue on blue

Dreams like you are making now
Are very hard to share
All I ask is one small favor
Dream a dream and wish me there

Gold on gold, sun in your hair
Spinning the rainbow, weaving the wind
Bluing the dye for the midnight air
Counting the gold at the rainbows end
Rapier princess whispers your name
Out of the time before I came
I'll never know
Gold on gold

Dreams like you are making now
Are very hard to share
All I ask is one small favor
Dream a dream and wish me there

© August 22, 1966; Gandalf Publishing Co.


Joni introduced the song this way on November 15, 1966 at the Wisdom Tooth:

This is a song about a daydreamer. Daydreamers are kind of peculiar people. We’ve all been one. We’ve all been accused of daydreaming usually at the wrong time. But the classic example of daydreaming at the wrong time - I was a witness to in a restaurant. And it happened between a young girl and a young fellow. From the sound of the conversation it was their first or second date – probably their first date. And the conversation was mostly lopsided and it went something like this:

‘Gee, I’m really glad that we finally got the chance to go out tonight, wow it was such a groovy evening. I’m really glad that you finally asked me out because I’ve seen you around the halls at school and around the lockers and stuff and I’ve said, wow I’d sure like to go out with him, and I’m really glad that we decided to go to that movie instead of to the football game ‘cause the movie had that big romantic scene in the middle and then you held my hand and it was just so groovy… I’m really glad!”

At that point, the young guy looked up at her and he said something like this… “Huh?” And she was just completely shattered. She didn’t know what to say and she could never have repeated herself. She turned all red.

So I went home and I wrote a song for her, called Blue on Blue.

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