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  • Woodstock "Back To The Garden" Intrepid CD N21 00016 1992

Waddell, William

  • Barangrill 2015

  • Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire 2009

    Home Recording

  • Hunter 2015

  • I Think I Understand 2015

  • Just Like This Train 2014

  • Ladies Of The Canyon 2014

  • Refuge Of The Roads 2014

  • Shades Of Scarlett Conquering 2012

    From 2012 JMDL fundraiser

  • Slouching Towards Bethlehem 2015

  • Trouble Child 2015

  • Yvette In English 2015

Wadebridge Male Voice Choir

  • Both Sides Now "Then And Now"

Wager, Penny

  • Marcie "Light Of Other Days" Folk Heritage FHR025S 1972

Wainwright, Rufus

  • A Case Of You "Northern Stars" Kate McGarrigle Foundation 001 2018

    Limited edition (only 500 made) of Rufus's Northern Stars conference from the Ford Theater, 20th August 2017.

  • All I Want "Northern Stars" Kate McGarrigle Foundation 001 2018

    Limited edition (only 500 made) of Rufus's Northern Stars conference from the Ford Theater, 20th August 2017.

  • All I Want "Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration" Decca Records 2019

  • Blue "Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration" Decca Records 2019

  • Both Sides Now "Northern Stars" Kate McGarrigle Foundation 001 2018

    Limited edition (only 500 made) of Rufus's Northern Stars conference from the Ford Theater, 20th August 2017.

Wainwright, Sloan   [artist website]

  • Conversation "Uncovering" 2015

  • River "On A Night Before Christmas" 2005

    Live at Northern Westchester Center for the Arts, Mt. Kisco, NY, December 18, 2004


  • Court And Spark "Joni Mitchell Cover Comp" Gemma Gin Records 2020

Walden, Jake  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Same Something Different" Jake Walden Music, LLC 2011

Walk, Sarah

  • The Circle Game "Turn Her Up" FrtyFve 2019

Walker, Andy

  • Edith And The Kingpin "Rosemary's Songs" WMR Universal Group 2013

Walker, Debi Sander  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "If You Could See Me Now" Debi Sander Walker DSWSMN2007 2008

Walker, Keiko

  • Both Sides Now "Both Sides Now" Leamington Dove Music LDM-0102 2004

Walker, Lonie  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "All That I've Got I Gave to Music" Underground Wonder Bar

Walker, Sally

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Got the World on a String" littlediva productions 2003

Walker, Sarah Fleming

  • Both Sides Now "Eleven O' Clock Number" 4922316 Records DK 2023

Wall, Gerry  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Digital Single" 2020

Wallace, George  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Digital Single" 2022

Wallace, Liza

  • Blue "Carousel" Liza Wallace 2009

Wallfisch, Joanna  [artist website]

  • All I Want "Gardens In My Mind" 2016

  • River 2016

Wallis, Jimmy

  • Both Sides Now "Both Sides Now" Polaris Recording Studio, Ltd ps-1021

Wang Chung  [artist website]

  • River "Wang Chung: New Christmas" Three Kids Music 2016

Wang, Finn  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Boots, Balls, And Velvet" 2009

Wang, Shanley  [artist website]

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Consept" 2007

Ward, Danielle-Laura  [artist website]

  • River

Wardell, Anita  [artist website]

  • Twisted "Why Do You Cry?" Ultimate Groove 1995

Warne, Lee

  • The Circle Game "Relaxing Classical Playlist: Breathe Slowly and Soothe Your Soul" RMG Classical Records 2018

Warnerbring, Östen

  • Both Sides Now "(45 single version)" Polydor Records 2053-086A 1970

Warnes, Jennifer  [artist website]

  • Chelsea Morning "...I Can Remember Everything" Parrot pas 71020 1969

Warren, William

  • Both Sides Now "Ek Kan Nie Dans Nie" 2016

Warwick, Rachael

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2013

Washington, Maureen  [artist website]

  • River "Christmas Is" 2014

Wasserman, Nic-Qi Nicole

  • Both Sides Now "Cover Songs by Nicole" 2021

Wasson, Craig

  • A Case Of You "Digital Single" 2019

Waters, Beth  [artist website]

  • River "Christmasing With You" Mermaid Mafia Records 2009

Waters, Caroline  [artist website]

  • People's Parties "Exposed" Musikklosen 2010

Waters, Crystal

  • Twisted "Surprise" Polygram Records P2-48894 1991

Waters, Peter

  • Amelia "Il Sacro E Il Profano" Time In Jazz TIJ 001 2001

    A medley with "Quiet Now" (Zeitlin) and "Relections on Messiaen" (Waters)

Watson, Christina  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Passage" Right Turn Records 700261413556 2014

Watson, Lisa

  • Both Sides Now "Watsongs And Other Gems" 2007


  • This Flight Tonight "Turns Per Minute" GEMA

Wayne Hawkins, Karyn Quinn & Todd Strait

  • Both Sides Now "Great Days" Karyn Quinn 2011

We Folk

  • The Fiddle And The Drum "Get Together" Gordon Associates CO 3395 1970

We Together

  • Both Sides Now "Little White Dove" Rite Record Productions, Inc 36125/6

    Obscure Christian Private Label 70's release

Wearedust  [artist website]

  • Morning Morgantown "ATPA" 2009

Weaver, Patty

  • Both Sides Now "No One's Ever Seen This Side of Me" RE/SE 1002 1978

Weaver, Sean

  • Both Sides Now "Half Past Midnight" 2013

    Medley with "I Need You"

Weavers Green

  • Both Sides Now "Weavers Green" Phoenix PSM 1006

Webb, Amy Carol  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "RhythmRhyme Reason: Songs That Taught Me..." 2010

Webb, Jimmy

  • A Case Of You "SlipCover" S-Curve Records 538475822 2019

Webb, Susan

  • A Case Of You "Bye-Bye Pretty Baby" Anchor ANCL2006 1975

Webber, Amy

  • A Case Of You 2020

Weber, Marge

  • The Circle Game "The Circle Game" Ten Fingers 2013

Wee Gee

  • California "California" EMI EMGS 7023 1980

Wee Small Hours

  • River "It's Comin' On Christmas" 2017


  • Raised On Robbery "This Strange Town" 2022

Weiser, Chris

  • Both Sides Now "NeverWasn'tGonnaBe" Scorpion & Frog Music 2010


  • The Fiddle And The Drum

Welch, Helen  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Spellbound" Big Wow Productions 2016

Wells, Nicholas

  • Both Sides Now 2019

Wells, Paul

  • River 2012

    A special "Christmas Song" download for Hurricane Sandy relief. Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship) on piano.

Welsh, Gerry

  • Both Sides Now "(45 Single)" City Music CMSP 7202 1972

    A Side; B-side is "Devoted To You"

Welsh, Shea  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Arrival" Blujazz Records 2017

Wensley, Heather

  • Marcie 2015

Werner, Kenny  [artist website]

  • I Had A King "Me, Myself & I" Justin Time Records 2012

  • I Had A King "Patricia Barber & Kenny Werner Live In Concert" Floyd Records 2011

    Live instrumental performance - From DVD

Wertz, Stephane   [artist website]

  • I Had A King "Interlude" 2017

Wescoat, Anna

  • River 2019

Wessel, Magret

  • You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) "Live im Country Castle Hamburg, Vol. 1" Summer Records SL 7801 1977

    Performance from 13May77

Wessels, Mary Ellen  [artist website]

  • I Don't Know Where I Stand "Current Obsessions" Love Song Productions LSP2002 1996

Wessler, Christy  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Angels Without Wings" 2010

Wesson, B.K.

  • River "Digital Single" 2022

West Chester University Vocal Jazz The Sharp Eleven

  • Night In The City "ACDA Eastern Division Conference 2012" Soundwaves Recording 2012

West, Adrienne

  • Both Sides Now 2022

West, David

  • Woodstock "Pickin' On Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: a tribute" CMH Records CD-8511 2000

Westenra, Hayley  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Live From New Zealand" Decca Records B0004199-09 2005

    DVD Release

  • Both Sides Now "Odyssey " Decca Records 544002 2005

  • River "Winter Magic" Decca Records B001364002 2009

Weston, Kim

  • Both Sides Now "(45 single)" Banyan Tree B-1002

Westwood, Alana

  • River "Christmas Lights" 2022

Wexler, Judy  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Back To The Garden" Jewel City Jazz 2021

What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?  [artist website]

  • Carey "Other People's Words" 2009

Wheatfield  [artist website]

  • Conversation "Wheatfield" Canela Records 2004


  • I Don't Know Where I Stand "In The Mood" 1978

    Wheaton College singing group

Wheeler, Debi

  • All I Want "Dreamscape " CDBY 2012

Wheezetones  [artist website]

  • Woodstock 2007

    Audio from a YouTube video

When The Cat's Away

  • Big Yellow Taxi "(45 single)" CBS Records CAT 004 1989

Whiffenpoofs of 1972  [artist website]

  • I Don't Know Where I Stand "Whiffenpoofs of 1972: Out To Lunch" Whiffenpoof WP 1001

While, Chris  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Rosella Red" Fat Cat FATCD020 2007

  • This Flight Tonight "Festival Folk Sing Joni Mitchell" 2010

Whim 'n Rhythm  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Independently Blue" 2006

    Femaile Acapella from Yale University

  • Chelsea Morning "Whim 'n Rhythm" VPAG-LP-3769 1986


  • Both Sides Now "Whims" Syrinx Records S1705 1969

    Wheaton College

Whiskey, Nancy

  • For Free "A Double Whiskey" NW001 1976

White Flag  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Piangi Con Me" Raro Records RRMLP001 2006

    Italian release, 8 tracks on a limited edition 10" vinyl

White Girl Wasted

  • A Case Of You "I Fell Asleep Like This " 2016

White Hot  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi 2010

    Audio from artist website

White On Black

  • Big Yellow Taxi "White On Black" Saydisc SDL251 1974

  • Carey "White On Black" Saydisc SDL251 1974

White Rose

  • Michael From Mountains "It's A Long Time" Look Records LKLP 6021 1975

White, Emily  [artist website]

  • River "Emily White " 2012

White, Fay  [artist website]

  • Blue "Festival Folk Sing Joni Mitchell" 2010

White, Freddie  [artist website]

  • Trouble Child "Lost And Found - The Early Albums" Little Don Records LDCD-0112-3 2002

    Digital remaster of 1979 "Live On Tour" LP

White, Jay

  • Free Man In Paris "Beautiful Noise (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" 2011

White, Mack

  • Both Sides Now "Lonely In The Crowd" Commercial Distributing Co. CDC A782 1978

White, Magnus

  • The Circle Game "Songs for an International Audience" Venus Records 2018

White, Peter   [artist website]

  • River "Songs Of The Season" Sony/Columbia 68493 1997

White, Simone  [artist website]

  • Urge For Going "Dream Comfort Memory" 2021

Whitehead, Paul

  • The Last Time I Saw Richard "Inversions" Silvery Records 2009

Whitehorse Rider

  • Woodstock "Digital Single" 2012

Whitelaw, Angela

  • River "Digital Single" EM Records 2023

Whiteley, Jenny

  • Night In The City "Back To The Garden" Intrepid CD N21 00016 1992

Whiteley, Ken  [artist website]

  • Urge For Going "Another Day's Journey" Borealis 2010

Whitman, Wet

  • River "A Very Wet Whitman Christmas " Safehaus 2019

Whittaker, Roger  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Roger Whittaker - Live" Drive 3041

    Live recording

Whittaker, Roger   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "New World in the Morning" RCA AFL1-4340 1970

    Studio recording

Whyton, Wally

  • Big Yellow Taxi "The World of Wally Whyton" Argo SPA 250 1972

Whyton, Wally

  • Urge For Going "It's Me, Mum" Fontana Records STL 5476 1968

Wibi  [artist website]

  • Help Me "20/20 Hearing" 2006

    Acapella from York University

Wicked Sisters

  • The Circle Game "On This Road" Wicked Sisters 2011

Wickham, Hank & Lewie

  • Both Sides Now "Hank & Lewie Wickham With Johnny Dagucon" King KS-1136


  • This Flight Tonight "Rockit" CBS Associated Stereo BFZ 40163 1985

Wiernik, Barbara   [artist website]

  • My Old Man "Soul of Butterflies" AZ Productions AZ 1017 2009

Wiesbaden Junior High School Chorus

  • Both Sides Now "Wiesbaden Junior High School Bands and Chorus present highlights of 1971-1972" Recorded Publications Z22191 1972

Wiggins, Tommy

  • Woodstock "Unfinished Business" Chilidog Records 2019

Wilber, Jason  [artist website]

  • Edith And The Kingpin "Echoes" WilberTone Records WTR-008 2016

Wilborn, Steven  [artist website]

  • My Old Man "Revisited" 2010

Wild Carrot  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Between the Darkness & the Light" Chocolate Dog Music 2018

Wilde, Threnody

  • River 2018

Wildes, Betty Ann

  • Both Sides Now "Songs for Yesterday's Children" Betanco Records 7815

Wiley, Alicia   [artist website]

  • Little Green "Halfway Home" Alicia Wiley 2009

Wilford, Miranda

  • Both Sides Now "Singing the Songs That Speak" 2020


  • River "Digital Single" Warner Music Germany 2021

    Translated into German as "Fluss"

Wilhelmsen, Unni  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "7" St. Cecilia Music 2010

Wilhite, Shawn  [artist website]

  • The Circle Game "Sunflower Cafe" Ladyship Records 2009

Wilkinson, Sunny   [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Into The Light" Sunchance Records 2018

Will Taylor And Strings Attached  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Back To The Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Back To The Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Blue Motel Room "Back To The Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Both Sides Now "Back To The Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Carey "Back To The Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Chelsea Morning "Back To The Garden - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Coyote "Back To The Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Dreamland "Back To The Garden - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Favorite Colour "Back To The Garden - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Hejira "Back To The Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • River "Back To The Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

  • Woodstock "Back To The Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Strings Attached Music 2007

Willa Mamet & Paul Miller

  • River "Let Somebody Love You" Kitchen Table Music 2015

Willey, Ralph Martin

  • Chelsea Morning "Came Upon A Child of God" Dressed To Kill METRO500 2000

William Close and the Earth Harp Collective  [artist website]

  • River "Holidays" Nettwerk Records 2014

    Featuring Landon Pigg on vocal

William Henry Harrison High School Choirs

  • Both Sides Now "Rubato--1971" United Sound Recorders 1971

    Evansville, IN

William Rose Orchestra & Emily Young

  • Both Sides Now "Sound Fashion Chembalo Vol. 3" redbridge inc 2016

Williams & Valentine

  • Both Sides Now "Romantic Flute & Guitar, 40 All-Time Romantic Favorites" GSC Music 15339 1997

Williams, Amanda Colleen   [artist website]

  • River 2015

Williams, Andy  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" Columbia CS-9896 1970

Williams, David

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Acoustic Favourites Vol 1" 2020

Williams, Ella

  • A Case Of You "Ella Williams EP" 2013

Williams, Felicity  [artist website]

  • Don't Interrupt The Sorrow 2010

Williams, Gary

  • Both Sides Now "At The Movies" Bos Entertainment Ltd 2017

Williams, Hilary  [artist website]

  • River "My Lucky Scars" Broken Angel Music 2018

    The oldest granddaughter of country hero Hank Williams

Williams, Hiroko  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "My Room The LP Vol 2" Berkeley Square BSM011 2016

Williams, John  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "Off the Record With John Williams" Sierra Records FEDD 1001 1984

Williams, Keller   [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "(live performance)"

Williams, Keller  [artist website]

  • For Free "(live performance)"

Williams, Keller

  • Woodstock

    Keller Williams July 2, 2009 The Ranch Arena Stage Rothbury Festival 2009 Rothbury, MI

Williams, Margaret

  • Both Sides Now "Margaret Williams Sings!" Tryfan TRF 242 1981

Williams, Ryan

  • People's Parties 2004

Williams, Tom

  • River "Digital Single" 2020

Williamson, Ami   [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Ami Williamson Live" Ami Williamson 2011

Williamson, Cris  [artist website]

  • The Magdalene Laundries "Motherland" Wolf Moon Records 2017


  • River "Winter" Willowgreen WG-D291 1991

Wills, Viola

  • Both Sides Now "12" Wide Angle 1985

Wilmot, Linda

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Pillow at 4:20" 2000

Wilson Phillips  [artist website]

  • California "California" Columbia CK 92103 2004

Wilson, Anthony

  • The Circle Game "Seasons (Live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art)" Goat Hill Recordings 2011

    Also featuring Steve Cardenas, Julian Lage, Chico Pinheiro

Wilson, Cassandra  [artist website]

  • Black Crow "Blue Light 'Til Dawn" Blue Note Records CDP 0777-7-81357-2-2 1993

  • For The Roses "A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" Nonesuch 2-79921 2007

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "An All-Star Tribute to Joni Mitchell (TV Broadcast)" 2000

Wilson, Jim  [artist website]

  • River "My First Christmas With You" Green Hill GHD5313 2002

Wilson, Julie  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "New Love" Rouseabout Records JW001 2002

  • Black Crow "Blues On Hold" 2014

Wilson, MacConnell

  • Just Like Me "Land For You And Me " 2016

Wilson, Mary  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Up Close" 2009

    Live recording from artist MySpace website

Wilson, Nancy (Heart)  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Live At McCabes' Guitar Shop" Sony/Columbia 69837 1999

Wilson, Rita

  • River "AM/FM" Decca Records 2012

Wilson, Rod

  • Both Sides Now "Red" 2014

Wilson, Steve

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Opportunity Knocking " Steve Wilson 2013

    featuring Dan Robbins, Olaf Schiappacasse & Jessica Lowe-Wilson

Winch, Ray  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Live at The Sacred Bean" Winchy Tunes WINCH002 2001

Winchell, Jimmy

  • Free Man In Paris "Jimmy Winchell Gives You The Business" priapus pria020 2000


  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Voyage Out"

    Hanna Jursch on vocals

Windstorm Singers

  • Both Sides Now "Oklahoma Christian College presents The Chorale and Windstorm Singers" Century Records 36853 1970

Winkler, Marty  [artist website]

  • River "(These Are The) Ornaments " Marty Winkler Music 2013

Winner, Dana   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Waar Is Het Gevoel ?" EMI Belgium 7243 8540402 3 1996

    Recorded in Belgian as "Dat Ben Jij", Written-By – Herman Pieter de Boer, Micky Otterspoor

  • Both Sides Now "In Love With You" EMI – CDEMCJ (WR) 5771 CDEMCJ (WR) 5771 1998

    Recorded as "From Both Sides"

Winston, Eleonor

  • Edith And The Kingpin

Winter Sleep

  • River 2022

Winter, Bia

  • Raised On Robbery "Long Time Comin'" 2023

Wintermute, Lane

  • The Circle Game 2005

    Download from Soundclick website

Winters, Ellen  [artist website]

  • I Don't Know Where I Stand "Secret Of Life" 251 Records 2006

Wisconsin Singers

  • Big Yellow Taxi "We'll Take You There" Wisconsin Singers 2011

Wise, Mark

  • Woodstock "Mark Wise" Doorknocker DN-240502 2002

WISH  [artist website]

  • This Flight Tonight

    Audio from artist website

Wisur, Vigdis

  • Both Sides Now "Both Sides" Airplay 061101 2007

Without a Net Musicians

  • Both Sides Now "Eight" 2018


  • Woodstock "More Than A Song" inbetweens TRSA 0013 2003

Witten, Jey  [artist website]

  • Black Crow

Wo'Xang  [artist website]

  • Shadows And Light "One" 2007

    Acapella from Austria

Wojtal, Liz  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Better Days"

Wolf, Eugene

  • Woodstock "Clear" Bennyboy Records 483784 2009

Wolf, Izzi

  • Don't Interrupt The Sorrow

Wolf, Karmen

  • Both Sides Now "Redefinition" OA2 Records 2010

    Various Artists - ArtsWest: The Vocal Jazz Collective

Wolf, Kate  [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Carry It On" Flat Rock Records 25736 1996

Wolf, Patrick  [artist website]

  • All I Want 2009

    From "In Session On The Quietus" - live BCC radio broadcast.

  • Willy 2010

Wolf, Trisha

  • Both Sides Now "Pop and Classical Ballet Class: The Flower Duet" 2022

Wolfe, Ada Bird   [artist website]

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Birdie" Songbrook Records 2018

Wolfe, Chelsea

  • Woodstock "Digital Single" 2021

Wolfe, Rowan

  • Big Yellow Taxi "First Impressions" 2020

  • The Circle Game "First Impressions" 2020

Wolman, Lesley   [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "The Great Canadian Songbook" 2018

  • Big Yellow Taxi "The Great Canadian Songbook" 2018

Wolper, Andrea  [artist website]

  • Be Cool "Parallel Lives " Jazzed Media 2011

  • Song To A Seagull "Parallel Lives " Jazzed Media 2011

Wolpert, James

  • A Case Of You "(single)" Universal Republic Records 2013

    Performance from "The Voice" released as a digital single.

Wolters, Burkhard

  • Both Sides Now "Moontown " Wildner Records CCJ 582 2006

    Buck Wolters studied classical music and composition in Germany and Jazz in Holland.

Women in Jazz Unite! Italy

  • The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines "Digital Single" 2023

Wonder, Stevie  [artist website]

  • Woodstock "A Case Of Joni" Reprise 2-47558 2000


Wonderland Park

  • River "Digital Single" Wonderland Park 191061192794 2016

Wong, Susan  [artist website]

  • Big Yellow Taxi "Step Into My Dreams" evosound 2010

  • Both Sides Now "Woman In Love" evosound EVSA220S 2014

Woodstock  [artist website]

  • Blue

  • Chelsea Morning 2008

  • Coyote 2008

  • Night Ride Home

Woodstock The Story

  • Woodstock "Woodstock The Story Live" Vnp VNP1301 2013

    Band: Matthijs van Noort, Martin van der Starre, Muriel te Loo, Thomas Meeuwis, David Aferiat, Kobus Groen, Tim Beudel, Door Raeymaekers

Woodward, Cory

  • River "Our First Christmas" Light Organ Records 2010

Wooster, Lisa

  • Court And Spark 1993

    2-Track Demo cassette tape

Wopat, Tom  [artist website]

  • Two Grey Rooms "Consider It Swung" 2009

Working Week

  • Cotton Avenue "Instant Replay" ECC Records 2020

Worster, Linda

  • The Circle Game "The Choice" 1986

Worthington, J.J.

  • Both Sides Now "If I Should Touch You" London PS 546

Wren, Zoe

  • Both Sides Now "Inspired" 2019

Wright, Alyssa   [artist website]

  • Both Sides Now "Dark Waters" Alyssa Wright AW 0601 2007

Wright, Trey  [artist website]

  • The Hissing Of Summer Lawns "Begin Again" Blue Canoe Records 2019

Wroblewsky, Pascal von

  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat "Speak Low" EJA Records LR 101 1995

Wundrock, Tracy  [artist website]

  • A Case Of You "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013

  • Blue "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013

  • I Had A King "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013

  • I Think I Understand "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013

  • Sisotowbell Lane "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013

  • That Song About The Midway "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013

  • The Dawntreader "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013

  • Urge For Going "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013

  • Woman Of Heart And Mind "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013

  • You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) "Sea Dreams - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" 2013


  • The Circle Game "Circle Game" Deroy DER 1156 1975

Wyland, Dede  [artist website]

  • Urge For Going "Urge For Going" Patuxent Music 2018