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1983.07.30 Joni's next appearance Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO

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  • Photo by Fred Nelson.
  • ticket stub: originally scheduled for June 19 and 20, postponed to July 30 [see related article 'Mitchell Blends ...'] [thomas27]

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mary on

Joni was truly magnificent. With Denver's lights twinkling in the valley below, the majestic Red Rocks humble humanity and remind us how fortunate we were to be sharing this time and place with Joni. She played her electric guitar in a loose, jazzy manner that was other-worldly and surreal at times. The ending was indeed memorable as those last chords drifted into the night.

ljirvin on

I had sort of lost track of Joni after Mingus came out, partly because at the time it was a bit over my head, partly because I had just graduated from college and was just too busy, and partly because... well... Joni wasn't doing anything. I don't remember much about this concert except that Woodstock was the very last tune and she did it solo on the electric guitar. The stage lights dimmed towards the end of the song, Joni slowly walked off while still playing the song, and the lights of Denver glowed. Anyone who has ever been to Red Rocks knows the feeling - but this was Joni. A very special moment.