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1983.07.15 Joni's next appearance Mann Music Center Philadelphia, PA

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jurasicfred on

This was the last time I saw Joni. Hard to believe that it's been 27 years already! I was dating a young woman, Terry, at the time. We both had recently come out of bad relationships and had kind of fallen in together. Sort of a mutual support group of two. We both loved Joni and the Mann Music Center on a hot summer night was the perfect setting for celebrating Terry's birthday. I found Terry recently on FB and she remembers that night as fondly as I do. Joni I'd still like to see you sometime.

straightfingerwater on

Nothing is quite like seeing a favorite artist perform. It doesn't matter who; if it's moving. Sublime or ridiculous can become a matter of taste. The weather was nice and clear - always a good thing at an amphitheater. The sound was great - details, not volume. The band was muscular and dynamic Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Landau, Larry Klein & Russell Ferrante. I'd been listening to and really enjoying "Shadows and Light" for a couple of years and loved the new "Wild Things Run Fast". Joni & band delivered the show I'd hoped for. The solo encore of "Woodstock" was effecting and sent me out into the night with a sense of pain and pleasure.

Luke on

what a great show , if was a hot and steamy night in Phila , under the stars , one of the many times i saw Joni. Backstage, i never got to say i was sorry for yelling out at The A.C. Music Fest a few weeks before Woodstock (back in 1969).
I just gave one of my nephews the tour book signed by her from that show. I hope he keeps good care of it . It was one of the only times i asked her to sign anything with my birth first name. I think she knew what it was anyway. She looked at me as she signed the tour book, then looked down. Not saying a word. That is went who ever he ( her husband at the time ) came over and kinda made SURE i was shown out! Kinda funny he looked like me a little back then, Since he was older maybe i looked like him. But what a wonderful and a great tour. Paco played great that night. Wow what a bass player he was ! But the best shows were the 2nd Fret shows and a few other night !