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1983.07.13 Joni's next appearance Shea’s Performing Arts Center Buffalo, NY

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nyro1000 on

I saw this concert with the date from hell who wouldn't shut up! I finely had to tell her to get prince's purple rain out of her head and open up to a world of music that appeared to be touched by angels.
She wore a beautiful gown and commanded the stage moving from guitar to dulcimer, to piano. The band was tight and spot on. The live version of "Song for Sharon" still haunts me to this day. What I wouldn't give to see a tour of such musical diversity come through town again, but I don't think we"ll ever another artist like Joni. As for the date from hell who wouldn't shup up. I never saw her again. Thank God.    [ed.]

drjohnw on

My lady, Daryl, and I were center stage in the first row of the balcony. It was like a dream seeing Joni for the first time. We both had been touched by Joni's music in 1969. Joni was like a very important person and artist in our life, playing a role in our spiritual quest in life. Definitely kindred spirits. Joni was in love with bassist Larry Klein and it showed. It was simply marvelous to see Joni do this performance. We were all a bit older and could all sense so much more. Her music still moves us today.