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1983.07.02 Joni's next appearance Fox Theatre St. Louis, MO

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  • Ticket stub from concert in St. Louis at the Fox Theatre. This was our 2nd Joni Mitchell Concert. As always she was great and the theatre venue made the concert very personal. [tmhugg]
  • Concert Program from St. Louis. Still precious to us after all these years. [tmhugg]
  • Front of Tee shirt from Wild Things Tour. [tmhugg]
  • Back of Tee Shirt from Wild Things Tour. [tmhugg]

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cmyles on

St. Louis Fox Theater 1983, an incredible hot summer night! I think the ancients invented music only because they knew Joni was coming.

acco40 on

Took my future wife to see her first Joni concert. I think her guitar playing, both acoustic and electric is under appreciated. It was a great show at a great venue.

Evajean on

I waited ten years to see Joni in concert, I was going, no matter what!! The concert started @ 8 and I was still at work at 6, I was supposed to be off at 5, I told my boss I had to leave and he said, if I did, I would be written up. I took the write up and left! I never regretted it! It was a dream come true! I was high for a year!! All these years later, I can still get a buzz just thinking about it! I have moved on and left the 60's behind, but I will not give up on my Joni, and I try to turn on as many young people as I can. Love to all.