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1983.06.30 Joni's next appearance Starlight Theatre Kansas City, MO

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farmgirl on

Such a delightful concert for a long time Joni Mitchell fan. She & her band were in top form that lovely summer evening under the stars. It is most assuredly one of my favorite concert memories. I so wish I had photos or video to add, but only in my memory. At that time Starlight wasn't a very big venue, there really wasn't a bad seat in the place and everyone there was of one mind, the music. Fabulous! ! Would love to see her again! !  [ed.]

wendt on

Very fine show. I had bought tickets to an earlier show but Joni had canceled. I remember she played a cream colored Les Paul with flanger on, very Andy Summers. A highlight was Woodstock. She did it a Capella and, at one point, walked away from the mike and sang without amplification. The crowd was quiet, I was two thirds the way back and she reached every seat in the venue. Amazing. Did about half the show by herself. Very talented. Was married / dating Larry Klein at the time and he was playing bass. Would go back and see her in a heartbeat. She just doesn't tour that much. A real shame.  [ed.]

donnaferrierjohnson on

How I wish I had a picture to upload, but I clearly remember Joni videotaping the crowd during an instrumental. I stood tall and tan in all white with turquoise jewelry, waving and smiling. I'll never forget that magical summer evening and the feeling of complete elation knowing Joni would look back at the video and feel how much love I projected.