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1983.05.14 Joni's next appearance Falkoner Centret Copenhagen, Denmark

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  • Photo by Erik Johansson
  • Photo by Stig Nørhald
  • Photo by Stig Nørhald

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Søren on

Still, twenty seven years later I regard this as one of my most memorable concerts ever heard.. and I've been around. I remember the crowd in standing ovation clapping their hands "for hours" after the final, applauding for an extra, but no one came.. Behind a curtain I saw a stage technician probably in contact with the unseen perhaps already riverskating lady cutting his throat with his hand as a signal to the others behind the stage and the lights went up. Much later I realised this was the ending of a long, long tour and now looking back I must say, that the most memorable events in life are the ones that leave you not completely full, not completely satisfied :-)