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1983.05.12 Joni's next appearance Konserthuset Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden

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  • Photo by Hans Åke Runell

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Susanne Sörensen on

It was a beautiful concert and unique for us in Sweden to be paid a visit by this unique star. As I recall it a jazzy blend where many of the songs from Shadows and Light were played.

arkaica on

An unforgettable evening. Concert Hall sold out. Many of Stockholms top artists were in the audience.
I know it might have been said many many times re. other concerts but it deserves to be said again: When Joni sang "A Case of You" it was that quiet among the audience so you could hear a needle falling on the soft floor. This was the most important (and of course the best) concert I have ever attended.
My reflection is that when Joni performs songs like A Case of You then it is not her that evolves, it is her deep sources, common for all mankind, it is the past generations behind us, mankind itself, that sings about life.
Dr. Thomas Jackson