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1983.04.23 Joni's next appearance Wembley Arena London, England

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  • Ad from the London Observer, Feb 27, 1983
  • Steve Rapport/Getty Images

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heatherc on

Having been a fan since my teens, it was marvellous to get to see you at this concert. This is the one and only time - but I will remember it all my life. I think you had just released Wild things run fast and you played mostly songs from that album but it was just great to see and hear my hero, even though we were right at the back of the stadium. Your presence radiated and you were clearly very happy with Larry Klein right then as that came through on stage. Thank you Joni for being the sound track to so much of my life and expressing so many important thoughts and feelings through such beautiful music.I wish you all the very best especially now that you are ill and I earnestly hope you will be much better soon. Heather Cross