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1983.04.23 Joni's next appearance Saturday Live — BBC Radio 1, BBC Broadcast House London, England

Joni was interviewed by Richard Skinner.

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  • Photo taken before the concert by Laurie Lewis

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Ian Welland on

I have a cassette recording of this BBC Radio 1 broadcast. The cassette has survived really well and now transferred to digital. Joni was interviewed by Richard Skinner and spoke about her career and new album 'Wild Things Run Fast.' In retrospect, it is a fine interview providing some interesting insights. At the time of the interview, not only was Joni touring with her new album (I saw her at Wembley Arena the following evening); but she also had 'Chinese Cafe' out as a 7" single. I managed to obtain a bonus disc with this single which contained another interview with Richard Stanley - this interview disc I transferred to the same cassette as the BBC recording and again, have since uploaded the cassette recording of the bonus disc to digital.