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1983.04.19 Joni's next appearance Playhouse Theatre Edinburgh, Scotland

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  • Ticket Stub - Playhouse, Edinburgh - Monday 18th April 1983 [graemescott]

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graemescott on

Magical concert, unforgettable night. I went with my mate Stewart, who got me into Joni's music in the first place, travelling over from Glasgow. I remember Joni was very quiet between songs and people shouted questions (what do you think of Edinburgh? was one I seem to remember). I also remember she complained about the effect of the cold and damp Scottish weather on her dulcimer. I have uploaded my ticket stub - notice it doesn't correspond with the dates on the web site. I also have the program from the concert still.   [ed.]

mozart4meuk on

I was at Newbattle Abbey Residential College and apart from me there were several other Joni afficionados. When news broke that she would be making a precious appearance at the Playhouse we scrambled to get money together and tickets bought. Cannot remember everybody who went but I know Jenny, Michael, Chris and I were among them. The night was electric, we loved all the music but particularly when Joni sat centre stage on her own with that little dulcimer and took us right back to "Blue", the point where I had come to love her music. Everyone went home happy but the event was topped off the next day at breakfast when Michael appeared with Joni's autograph having waited at the stage door! Happy, happy days. Love, Dave

norrie on

Loved Joni from an early age. Bought all the albums-wore them out through endless playing. Went to the Edinburgh concert, in a state of euphoria (but also got pretty drunk); hope my singing along with every song didn't ruin the concert for anyone. Just love J M...

Andy on

I too waited for a long time to see joni and all I can say is that I was not dissapointed and the evening still remains one of the best memories to have. Only sad that I could onlky get one night and not two.

It was also remembered particularly as I won (three) signed prints of the tour (and LP) picture - one of wich is still on my wall.

ibanezbaby on

I can remember being amazed that I managed to get a ticket in the first place. I couldn't believe that everyone in the world wouldn't want to go see her. As far as I know, it was her first-ever gig in Scotland; I'd heard the 'rock-band' stuff on 'Wild Things Run fast', but I was in love with her earlier folk stuff, and I hadn't got my head round 'Mingus' yet. So when she sent the band off, pulled out her Dulcimer, and played 'A Case Of You', you could have heard a pin drop in the Playhouse. I also remember a girl getting up onto the stage to present her with a flower, and a bouncer grabbing her by the collar and dragging her backwards, at which point Joni stopped the song she was singing, and said 'hey, man, let her go', at which point the crowd cheered, and the bouncer backed off. Way to go, Joni!

GerryMclaughlin on

I had waited a long time to see her and will never forget how disappointed I was feeling at one point early on in the concert. I remember thinking "I don't like her" with astonishment. Then the line "stony stony when I get scared" ran accross my mind and Joni suddenly asked that the lights be put up. The stagelights got brighter. "Not them" she said" The house lights" Next the houselights went up a notch but Joni guided them to almost full on. That done and now that she could see us she settled down into an amazing night of Joni Mitchell in concert in Scotland. The next thing I remember is a sea of roses rolling over everyone in the stalls and Joni bending down to pick them from eager hands at the front of the auditorium. The encore of Woodstock will live in my memory for as long as I have one. It was amazing. We stamped our feet for at least twenty minutes after that but she never came back on. The crowd were the most mixed bunch of folk I ever saw at a concert- more like the crowd you might see at a midnight mass- from grandparents to mohawks to punks and everything in between. It was great and the atmosphere was elecrtic.