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1983.04.17 Joni's next appearance RDS Music Hall Dublin, Ireland

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  • At the Shelbourne Hotel
  • At the Shelbourne Hotel
  • At the Shelbourne Hotel
  • At the Shelbourne Hotel
  • At the Shelbourne Hotel


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jaycee on

I was 22, a student living in Dublin and went with my first girlfriend. I remember the arena was packed and the music was quite loud, much rockier, like @Wild Things Run Fast'

I especially remember Joni starting to sing 'A Case of You', using a dulcimer, and abandoned it (the instrument) part wway through, saying 'I can't play this old thing any more'.
Nevertheless it was a wonderful rendition and a unique experience for me - listening to the greatest songwriter of the age

Olwen on

My friend and I attended this wonderful event and fell even more deeply in love with Joni and her music. My friend was very pregnant, and the then unborn child ( my godchild) is now 27!! I wish Joni would come back again.