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1979.08.21 Joni's next appearance The Music Shed at Tanglewood Lenox, MA

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  • Photo by <a href="http://www.davesuarez.com/" class="white" target="_blank">Dave Suarez</a>
  • Ticket to Joni Mitchell concert at Tanglewood, Tuesday, August 21, 1979, 7:00 PM. [djsmithny]
  • A thoughtful Joni moment that I shot during her Tanglewood appearance in August of 1979.  Photo by Terry Holland [terryh]
  • Pat Metheny helps Joni in her Tanglewood appearance.  Photo by Terry Holland [terryh]
  • Nothing but Joni's voice in this shot.....  Photo by Terry Holland [terryh]
  • A rapt audience for Joni's voice and guitar.  Photo by Terry Holland [terryh]
  • Boston Globe, June 29
  • Photo by Marty Temme
  • Photo by Richard Carpenter

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joycey on

Had the most wonderful time at Tanglewood! Seeing my musical hero for the first time was most memorable. We had lawn seats with an very fancy picnic lunch. Deviled eggs, wine, a special crab dip and crackers and more. We had a deaf woman with us and as Joni was preforming with the Persuasions it was very interesting how the deaf woman was bouncing to the music. We couldn't see the stage from where we were so the woman and I snuck into the seating area down to the 9th row. She was shocked that they were not using instruments. She had felt the vibrations through the lawn. Tried to see here at Tanglewood in the late 80s, even brought gladiolas (her favorite I've heard) but unfortunately she was a no show. She is in my prayers. Fight Joni, please.

wieldlife on

This was a wonderful concert... the way that the persuasions harmonized with Joni's vocals was truly magic.. Pat M... was great, Jaco showing a side not seen during his Weather Report days. I'm not sure Shadow and Light could do this concerts justice.. perhaps it was the moment, but the Concert seemed much better. I recently found an audience tape of the concert on line and it is great to just sit back close my eyes and remember. The times we had back then... We had our problems... but they seem small now... compared to those we have today..

janemurphy on

This is the one I missed. A good friend who'd never seen Joni got to go, and she was a huge Pat Metheny fan, so it was a trip for her... and also the Persuasions were there, so I was really sad I couldn't be there but happy for my friend!

tomweis on

I had just graduated from high school and was dubious about the just-released "Mingus." After the run from Blue through Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, I felt she was incapable of a misstep. My friends weren't that into it, and I only had three join me at Tanglewood, a majestic setting for a majestic artist. From the opneing (video incorporated into the performance! Revolutionary!) through the "Woodstock" encore, we were rapt. The green blouse she was wearing alone was transfixing. The way she melded with the musicians (Don Alias! Pat Metheney! And especially Jaco!) was awe inspiring. Her cool demeanor
worked beautifully with the song selections. When she got to the "Amelia"-"Hejira portion," I wondered if anyone could surpass her. I'm still waiting (although Annie Lennox does give a run for the money).