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1979.08.11 Joni's next appearance Pine Knob Music Theatre Clarkston, MI

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artmakesmehappy on

This was the second time I saw her... the Shadows and Light tour. The first time she was alone with a piano this time she was with a band. This was why I always loved her - she kept evolving and growing.
It was an outdoor venue and a beautiful summer night and an amazing concert.
She let her band members shine at different moments. Pat Methany, Michael Brecker and the mesmerising Jaco Pastorius. The acapella (sp) group the Persuasions sang with her on Shadows and Light...needless to say it was a fantastic night!

MCDooley on

I saw her at one of these two Pine Knob dates (don't remember which one). Pine Knob is the venue on the cover of "Miles of Aisles." The first thing I think of is her beige skirt and jacket with a turquoise top and turquoise pumps with stockings. Simple and elegant. I also see her red lipstick and her permed blond hair blowing in the slight breeze. In sum: yow, what a dish.

All night she traded off hollow-body electric guitars at intervals, depending, I assume, on their tunings. One of her crew would bring a "new" guitar out to her and take the one she had. That leads to my only disappointment -- she never played piano.

Her band was all heavy-hitters, of course, and the music was very sophisticated. This was a dream come true to see her live (I had great seats, dead center maybe 15-20 rows back), and frankly she could have stood there and played a kazoo all night and I would have been happy. Wish I still had the T-shirt! Oy, what could I have been thinking to lose track of that?