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1979.05.27 Joni's next appearance Berkeley Jazz Festival — Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA

Joni performed with Jaco Pastorius, Don Alias,
Herbie Hancock and Tony Williams.

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  • Don Alias, Jaco, Tony Williams, Joni, and Herbie Hancock.
  • Original Jazz Festival Poster
  • Photo by James Stokes
  • Photo by James Stokes
  • Photo by Ed Perlstein.
  • Photo by Ed Perlstein
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Ed Perlstein
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster
  • Photo by Damon Webster

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s6270 on

Here is the full setlist:

Joni ft. Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams, Jaco Pastorious and Don Alias

1 Coyote
2 Goodbye Porkpie Hat
3 God Must Be a Boogie Man
4 Chair in the Sky
5 Black Crow
6 Dry Cleaner from Des Moines
7 Woodstock
8 Twisted

hivicar on

This was a beautiful afternoon in the foothills of Berkeley just before I moved far from the bay area. Poignant for several reasons. Certainly seeing the fiery Richie Cole playing his alto on stage without his partner, the unique vocalist Eddie Jefferson. Joni, with Herbie, had performed the touching tribute "Chair In the Sky" to Mingus (who had recently passed in Mexico) and her own lyrics to Mingus' ode to Prez, "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat", the previous summer there as part of the Bread & Roses Festival.(Of course, they did them both this day.) I had them on tape off the radio, and the album when it came didn't measure up, imo. But this day with no Shorter or Brecker on reeds, sounded great and even rocked "Twisted",and "Raised on Robbery"!  [ed.]

Forfreeslider on

Vocalese artistEddie Jefferson was scheduled to appear, but was murdered a week or so prior to the event, adding some grim reality to the proceedings. I won a opoto of Dizzy Gillespie in a contest in the concert bulletin. I was honored to actually speak to Mr. Gillespie, who was out and about, big as life. My ticket was birthday gift from my ex girlfriend, a student at Cal. The buzz was about who the bassist would be, and it turned out to be the late Jaco Pastorious. My favorite tune was the one referred to as
s Paradise," in the concert review, titled "The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines," on the Mingus album, with a hot big band treatment by Mr. Pastorious, featuring the lead trumpet of Jon Faddis. We all settled down to hear Joni close this wonderful afternoon of jazz. Later years at the Berkely Jazz Fest included Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin playing guitar behind their backs, a young post bop Wynton Marsalis, Tito Puente, and Bobby McFerrin walking on to scat a solo and tripping us all out.

crflick on

Drove with two friends from Ashland, Oregon to Berkeley to see this concert back in the hippie dayz. We stayed overnight in the hills above the Greek and we got stoned and listened to Weather Report from "high above." :) The next day it was beautiful and we spent an enjoyable day at the Berkeley Jazz Fest hearing Dizzy Gillespie and then Joni Mitchell with her super band. Wonderful memories of a great concert! Then saw her again on her summer tour a few months later in Columbia, Maryland.

missrum on

This concert was a turning point in my life. I met friends here for the concert but one of them was absent ... turns out he was home with the German Measles. It was really bad timing because I thought I was pregnant (my husband and I were trying). So after laying around on the lawn with good friends and drinking in the delicious music, I went home and the next day I found out I WAS pregnant. I worried for 9 months. But our daughter turned out perfectly! I have loved Joni Mitchell since I was a teenager and continue to this day to listen to all of her music. Hey, I should have named my daughter Joni!

alabear on

I first want to say that I have been a fan of Joni since 1968. This concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA was on a beautiful spring afternoon and early evening. It was a magical experience to be in that crowd listening to Joni and Herbie and company. Joni and Herbie did songs together and they each had their own solo sets. Joni was in great voice and was really enjoying herself as well as Herbie and band. The audience were really there to listen to hear her and gave Joni all the love they had. The audience was very open to what she was doing and to her new songs. I don't remember exactly what her set list was. Is there anyone else who was there who might remember what she sang. Thanks, Michael