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1976.02.06 Joni's next appearance William & Mary Hall, College of William & Mary Williamsburg, VA

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  • From the Dec 13 issue of William & Mary College 'Flat Hat'
  • From the Dec 13 issue of William & Mary College 'Flat Hat'
  • Jan 23, 1976 ad in 'The Flat Hat'
  • Photo by Thomas Slater

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CHansen on

Will Rives wrote about Joni forgetting the words to a song. It was a new one she had just written -- ironically enough it was "Talk to Me"! It was just her on the stage playing guitar and she got to a line, "We could talk about..." and she kept playing guitar but stopped singing. It literally took about two or three minutes before she remembered them. Her face lit up and everyone could see that she remembered and started applauding. She walked up to the microphone and sang, "We could talk about gossip, but I can keep a secret when honor's at stake". It was really hilarious because it was such an ironic moment. A great concert!

Mykull on

We made the trip down from Richmond. I was playing in a rock band trying to get by doing originals, and even with that background have loved Joni from the "Song to a Seagull" album. I was always one step behind her musical maturation; and though I was skeptical when a new sound or direction would emerge, she would always eventually win me over (you think I'd learn after so many years).

Williamsburg was the only time I heard her live (I've since moved back to south Mississippi, where to my dismay snow makes more appearances). To this day I am still amazed at how she sat down on a chair with a dulcimer in her lap and completely filled the arena with her voice and that little instrument -- If I ever needed proof that music is a form of energy, an outpouring of the metaphysical nature of the artist, the issue was resolved that night. Ever since then I have had a different understanding of what it means to "make music". Thank you Joni.

willrives on

Outstanding concert! LA Express opening with their jazzy sound and then backing her up was a nice surprise. Joni seemed to have an especially good relationship with their keyboard player. My girlfriend Rosemary and I were students at William and Mary, class of 1978. We were announcers (DJs) at the campus alternative radio station WCWM and we played a lot of her songs. We were very fortunate to get tons of great concerts while we were at Wm and Mary, and Joni was certainly one of the best .... Rosemary and I went to them all ... others I can think of off the top of my head include Grateful Dead, Little Feat and Dave Mason, Bruce Springsteen, Kansas, Frank Zappa, Jefferson Starship, Neil Young with Crazy Horse, David Crosby and Graham Nash, Electric Light Orchestra, Jackson Browne, and some others I'm sure.

I kinda hate to mention this, because it was a great show, but she did forget the words to one of the songs for a brief time. LA Express repeated the same song segment and she soon remembered and continued ... we all cheered for her ... hey we're all human! I was listening to Court and Spark today on my Ipod ... would absolutely love to see her in concert again!

clay on

I love Joni Mitchell to death. I liked the concert, but it threw me off that Tom Scott and the L.A. Express were backing her up. I was expecting her songs to sound exactly like they did on vinyl. They didn't, and that threw me for a loop. I remember someone shouting out at Joni "you're beautiful" and she said "you are too." I am thankful that I was able to see Joni once in concert.

Clay Cosner 58 years old Norfolk, Virginia

Finchhaden on

I was in the Coast Guard stationed in Elizabeth City, NC. I don't remember too much about the concert (sadly), but I do have a few photos of her sitting at the piano in a spotlight. She was so beautiful. I remember how I felt about her then. Nice memory.

bnasch on

I was stationed at Dam Neck, Va. at the time, going to school for the USN. When I heard about this show I quickly went and got two tickets; I had been listening to Joni for a couple of years at this point, thanks to high school girl friends, and I wanted to to see her in person. The fellow that was supposed to go with me flaked but I found someone else to go with me, wish I could remember his name. We had aisle seats, row 12 or 13, so really close. It was great, surpassing all my expectations. Part of that was due to Tom Scott, his opener and LA Express backing Joni was a complete surprise to me, and a really good one. Echoing what bgriff57 said so well, today, 35+ years later, this concert is the standard by which I judge and have judged all others I have been to! Thank you for a wonderful evening and wonderful memories...