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1976.01.22 Joni's next appearance Sam Houston Coliseum Houston, TX

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tonefreak on

This show was significant to me for many reasons: only my second concert. the first concert to attend with my big brother, and I'd had Miles of Aisles on heavy rotation for the last year, and still remains my favorite album from that decade.

I remember the evening a bit differently..we were in the 12th row on the floor, good seats, after a scorching opening set by the Express Joni came on and did a few songs and about halfway though her solo set someone was calling out for the LA Express to return. After a few terse words, yeah, I remember the "boogie" comment, she left and the Express came out and did another instrumental jam or two without her. But I remember she came back out and continued the show with quite a bit of grace, despite the previous rude behavior from the audience.

As a guitar player I remember being really impressed by Robben Ford, if you haven't, check out his album "The Inside Story" from that same era.  [ed.]

fan4848 on

Too bad I missed the reportedly wonderful 74 Hofheinz appearance. This venue had its own noisy denizens that Joni's ticket and album buying fans were not responsible for. We did not select (or hire those who selected) a venue used a lot for stuff like wrestling. It WAS bigger. I left thinking Joni spoke very rudely to me and did not give full value for my ticket (which was a lot of money earned at minimum wage to me then) because she wanted a larger venue gaining more $ for herself.

I've since decided there may be no blame: the smaller, much nicer venue might not have been available and Joni may have had a rough day in other ways and just had a mean fit which we all do sometimes. Having a tantrum at everyone over a few noisy jerks was still unfair. (The entire section I was seated in had quiet fans.) A performer using the sound system to be the only person in a discussion is abusive in another way.

I was so disturbed by all that that I stopped buying albums for nearly 10 years. Then I got over it and enjoy her exquisite music and lyrics like before.

I am delighted her daughter found her.

Niloak1950 on

All Joni wanted to do is perform a couple of ballads, work out something private or send one of her heartfelt messages to a love but the crowd was restless and rude. I didn't blame her for being upset and disappointed in her fans which were more interested in rockin' and not feelin' or being on her wavelength. Joni's poetical lyrics continue to touch me deeply. Her songs are treasures. I remember the 60's, 70's and 80's with a soundtrack of her music. It is strange and fun to hear her songs transposed into Muzak which can be chanced upon on occasion in an elevator or grocery store. I can't help but smile and recall plugging in an 8-Track tape of one of her albums and driving to the East Coast and back on a young adventure. Thank you Joni for connecting with us and giving us a glimpse of "the deeper meaning".

use_ton on

I was at this concert. I love Joni, but she was out of line. The noise was minimal for a large hall such as The Sam Houston Coliseum. As the University of Houston Cougar article mentioned, she came out without an intro and did not even acknowledge the crowd. She seemed angry before the show even started. When she said it sounded like you people want to boogie, the crowd assumed she was going back to electric music and politely applauded. For that, she said that the show would be cut in half and stormed off the stage while the band awkwardly stood in embarrassment. If it wasn't for the fact that I was with other people, I would have left the show. She should have played a smaller venue with a more intimate setting. This was the one and only time I saw her perform live, although I did come back to listening to her. I admire her music and artistic talents. Her talent is hard to ignore.

Tupelo on

I believe this was the one and only Joni Mitchell concert I ever attended. It was so memorable (for a lot of reasons) that I went home that night and wrote a song about it called 'Blue Roses'. It tells about my feelings for her at the time and the way the concert abruptly ended because she got fed up with all the noise and rudeness of the audience. By the way, and I know this is like finding a needle in a haystack, if anybody knows how to contact Ms.Mitchell or her manager or agent, please let me know.

This is a link to some of my songs including 'Blue Roses':


Tim 'Tupelo' Goodrich